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'AITA for breaking up with my BF after seeing his disgusting posts on incel websites?'

'AITA for breaking up with my BF after seeing his disgusting posts on incel websites?'


"I found the websites that my boyfriend belongs to and broke up with him for it."

Otherwise_Season_517 writes:

I (23F) have been with my boyfriend (26M) for 8 months. Everything has been fine in our relationship, and we rarely even have any disagreements, let alone any actual arguments. I wouldn’t have expected him to be into this stuff.

I stay with him a lot, overnight, but we don’t live together officially. He has a PC, which he doesn’t like me using often (which I likely assume is because of what I just found out). He was at work, and I was staying at his house, so I decided to get on his PC. I had to Google something, and I noticed he had some tabs still open, which doesn’t happen at all. Usually, his history is clear.

It was an incel forum, and he also had 4chan open. He was still logged in to the incel forum, and I snooped around his profile. He apparently has been an active user for a few years, and the stuff I found that he talked about was disgusting.

I really couldn’t bring myself to look too deep because it scared me at that point. After a little digging, I found out he was commenting on some wildly sexist things.

I didn’t want to confront him in person, so I just gathered my things and left. I thought for a while if I should even message him or not because I was scared of his reaction, but I decided to just send him a message saying that I don’t want to continue the relationship because I found things on his PC that scared me.

He spammed me with calls and messages, saying that it’s not that bad and that he loves me and he’s not sexist and doesn’t want to lose someone like me. I ended up just blocking him, and I don’t plan on messaging back either. AITAH?

Here are the top comments:

Powerful_Echo4382 says:

NTA (Not the A^#@ole) and I’m glad you let him know that saying stuff like that isn’t right.

EyeDissTroyKnotSeas says:

"I'm not sexist! I just view women as less than human! That's not that bad!" Nah, you were right to run from this lunatic. NTA.

Complete-Buy9999 says:

NTA. Very sensible of you. Does he have any access to your house? No spare key? Just be careful.

NotBradPitt90 says:

He must be going off the rails on that forum right now haha NTA btw.

Tsuyu_u says:

NTA. This stuff is very dangerous and you did well by distancing yourself. These men are extremelly abusive and delusional. They hate women and he would likely start treating you like garbage very soon.

What do you think? Was OP right to break up with her boyfriend?

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