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'AITA for telling my brother he can't meet my GF because of his history of stealing GFs?'

'AITA for telling my brother he can't meet my GF because of his history of stealing GFs?'


Man tells brother that he isn't allowed to meet his GF because he's afraid that she'll leave him for his brother.

Odd-Professional-340 says

I am M19, and my older brother is M22. Both of us work at the same factory, and about 5 months ago, he and I became friends with a woman (F23) who works at the factory with us. Soon after, we became friends with this woman, she lost her apartment and since both my brother and I live in the same house, we told her that she could live with us.

I have never had feelings for this woman, but she and my brother had decided to go out a few times. They were never exclusive, but they were well on their way to being exclusive; they were just taking things slow. While he and the woman from the factory were going out (but not exclusive), my brother and I became friends with a woman (F20).

I expressed feelings for this woman, and my brother very well knew that. Soon after, we became friends with this woman, he asked her out, knowing full well that I liked her. And soon after, they became exclusive, and he completely left behind the woman that we met at the factory.

He screwed over the woman from the factory badly because he told her that he could possibly see a future with her, but when he met the other woman, he left her behind and never talked to her again.

This is not the first time that he has made a move on a woman that he knew I had feelings for. He has done this twice in the past, and every time he does it, they start dating. I thought that it was just a one-time thing, but now, with the most recent event happening, I'm starting to think that he does it on purpose.

Just recently, we were talking, and I mentioned that I had gotten a new girlfriend. He got excited and was very eager to meet her. I informed him that he would not be meeting her, nor would I bring him around her. He got confused and asked me why.

I reminded him that he has dated 3 women in the past that I had feelings for, and that I know that he does it on purpose. He then started crying and telling me that it hurts him that I would say that about him. I simply got up and walked away.

The thing that convinced me that he does it on purpose is the fact that he was very close to being exclusive with the woman from the factory, but he broke her heart and left her for the woman that I developed feelings for.

The reason I will never bring him around my new girlfriend is not because I am insecure that she will leave me for him, but because I fear that he will make a move on her, and that is not only disrespectful, but I know it will make her uncomfortable.

My brother and I have always had a rivalry, and he has always tried to prove that he is better than me. And I'm trying to put a stop to it because we are both adults, and he needs to start acting like it. So AITA?

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tatersprout says:

NTA (Not the A%@%ole) I have known people like your brother. For some it was the challenge and for others it was an ego boost. Once you now you're gf better, tell her about your brother and then bring her around.

At least she will be prepared if he tries anything. You shouldn't have to keep a person away from your home like that. It's impossible to steal someone. Both people are making choices when it happens. Remember that.

Euphoric_Travel2541 says:

NTA. Your brother sounds messed up, competitive and insecure. You are right to keep your GF away from him. You should create firm boundaries between you and your brother.

Obsidianpearl19 says:

NTA and your brother is a disrespectful creep. He's made moves on 3 women you were interested in on purpose. I know you're young but if I were you, I'd move out with some other roommates rather than tolerate his disrespect. Good luck OP.

Kooky-Coconut8525 says:

NTA. Your brother sounds messed up in the head. Good on you man. Enjoy your new GF.

Noshock5531 says:

NTA, personally think you should cut people like this off. Not worth the drama and the negative feelings/thoughts.

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