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'WIBTA for not attending my child's bully's wedding even though the bully is my brother?'

'WIBTA for not attending my child's bully's wedding even though the bully is my brother?'


WIBTA if I didn't attend my brother's wedding because he makes fun of my newborn?

leoc808 writes:

So, my brother (32M) has always been rude to me (34M). When I first met my wife (33) 5 years ago, he started to be rude to her as well and made fun of her because she’s not as educated as him.

His fiancée came into the scene around a year ago, and she was no different and made fun of my wife for not being as educated as them. It was a big issue, lots of fights in my family because of the things they said about my wife, and my parents told us to forgive them. Fine, we did.

Last week, my brother was again making fun of me while we were at a friend’s place. I let it slide and just laughed it off because I’m just used to it at this point. After a while, I had enough and made a comment about his appearance.

He immediately became angry and started making fun of our newborn (2 months old) in front of everyone, including his fiancée. I lost it. I swore at him and yelled at him. One of our friends told him to apologize, and of course, he didn’t. His fiancée didn’t tell him to apologize or stop.

I told our parents that I have no interest in talking to him or his fiancée and that my wife, our baby, and I are not attending the wedding. Now my parents are telling us to attend, what will people think if we aren’t there, etc.

He still hasn’t said sorry and instead is saying I’m at fault because I made fun of him. So, would I be the a$%hole if we didn’t attend the wedding?

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Old_Web801 says:

Who gives a rat's a%# what people will think if you don't attend? If anyone asks, tell them you were tired of his and his fiance's abuse of your family.

roselle3316 says:

NTA (Not the A^#$ole). He sounds like somebody who can give "jokes" but can't take them back. Not a fun type of person. Sorry OP.

WillSayAnything says:

NTA but...When do you finally grow a spine and stop apologizing or "letting thing go" because your parents tell you to? You should honestly be no contact with your brother and at the VERY LEAST low contact with your parents.

You obviously aren't the favorite. You wife should've never had to endure the bs you've allowed yourself to put up with. Don't make your child another victim.

ImposterSyndrome412 says:

NTA. He’s not stopping because everyone is enabling him. What happens when your kid is old enough to understand him? End it now and cut him off. Don’t subject him or your family to this any longer. And forget anyone who tells you otherwise.

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