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'AITA for taking care of my SIL after my brother ran away when she went into labor?'

'AITA for taking care of my SIL after my brother ran away when she went into labor?'


My brother ran away after his wife went into labor.

Superb-Dirt3747 writes:

I (30M) was at my brother's (34M) house when my sister-in-law (31F) went into labor. They live in the countryside, so the signal isn’t too great sometimes unless they walk up the lane. My brother was supposed to take her to the hospital instead of calling an ambulance, but for some reason, he decided to freak out and drive off somewhere.

I can’t drive, so I ran up the lane to call emergency services. It took forever to get a signal, and then it took forever for the ambulance to get to the house. I almost had to deliver the baby, for heaven's sake. She ended up giving birth in the back of a huge ambulance.

This whole time, my brother had just disappeared. He finally turned up at the hospital about 8 bloody hours after he disappeared. Apparently, he’d gone to our dad’s house until he found out my sister-in-law gave birth and made my brother go see her.

I yelled at him outside the hospital for being so stupid. He told me that he just got scared and didn’t know what to do. I told him that he’s going to be a sh%t dad if he keeps reacting like this. What’s he gonna do when the kid gets injured and it’s his responsibility to take him to the hospital?

Is he just gonna dump the kid and run off to dad's again? He’s such an idiot, for heaven's sake. He started crying and called me a twat for being so mean to him. I just lost it with him; he was acting like a child when he should be comforting his wife and apologizing to her for being a jerk.

He hurled insults at me and told me that I don’t understand what he’s feeling. I get that he was scared, but he seriously needs to get a grip and help his wife. AITA?

OP responded to some comments:

Odd_Ad_3117 says:

In MY personal opinion you are NTA (NOt the a^&#ole). I get that becoming a parent is a HUGE thing, that even if you think you’re ready you’ll never truly be.. BUT he just f^$@ing disappeared for 8 hours while his wife was in labor. What if there were complications?

What if you weren’t home in the moment she went into labour? He needs to get his shit together and seek therapy, if his response to stress is run away leaving his wife in a potentially harmful situation. And she needs to rethink their relationship if he does not.

OP responded:

Thank you! Yeah, he was lucky I was there because if I wasn’t she would have had to do all this by herself. What type of husband just leave his wife when she needs him the most?

Abject-Variety3775 says:

NTA. What did your brother think he was doing. He must have known you couldn't drive. Did he even consider how your SiL would get to the hospital?

OP responded:

He clearly didn’t think about anyone but himself

DiverFriendly4119 says:

Nope, NTA. I'm sorry, wtf? There's a woman going into labour and her life is at stake. Your brother being scared doesn't matter, not even the least. We have moved onto higher stakes.

Okay, fine he disappeared but who the heck returns after 8 whole hours? That's crazy and I'd divorce such a useless husband. OP, you are amazing for keeping your shit together and prioritizing the mother. Ask your brother what would have happened if you weren't present? His wife could have died.

What do you think? Was OP right to yell at his brother and take care of his wife?


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