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Man accuses family of robbing him because he spent 'little' money on their X-mas gifts says, 'my brother singing Taylor Swift is proof!"

Man accuses family of robbing him because he spent 'little' money on their X-mas gifts says, 'my brother singing Taylor Swift is proof!"


I went on a buying spree for myself after Christmas and I think my family got jealous and robbed me.

Ok-Excitement-2937 writes:

My Christmas budget for family ranged from $50 to $100, which is how much I spent last year. Yesterday, I went to Target with my dad to exchange something and ended up buying myself a MacBook and a 55-inch TV.

My dad made a comment about how I must not have liked my gifts if I felt the need to treat myself like this. I told him I needed these things for New Year’s Eve, and he didn’t say anything else. When we got back to his house, the rest of my family seemed annoyed with me and didn’t understand what good deals they were.

Later on, I was telling them how I wanted to trade in my 2024 Buick Encore GX for something bigger, like a Ford Escape, which caused my mom and dad to go off on me and tell me how greedy and selfish I am. I left their house after this, and later tonight, when I was getting something from my wallet, I realized my debit card was missing.

I looked in the app, and there were $1500 worth of charges from Walmart. I called my mom crying, and she said my brothers were just there; she'll have them go back up, maybe someone turned it in like??? They clearly stole it and went on a shopping spree!!

I drove to their house to confront them, and my brothers were denying it. My mom and dad kept asking them if they did anything, and they both said no. I told them I was going to call the police on them, then my parents told me I had no proof and I most likely left it at Target, and someone else stole it. I have my card locked now, but I know they did this.

My mom and dad both said it was hurtful for me to accuse them of stealing, but it’s so obvious! Especially because the younger one has posted a video on Snapchat of him singing "Karma" by Taylor Swift.

I told them I will file a complaint with the police because this Snapchat video is proof they robbed me. I’ve talked to some friends about this, and they are siding with my family!! AITA (Am I the A**hole)?

Here are the top comments:

Nester1953 says:

Call the store and see if they have security video for the time the credit cards were used, and ask that the tape be saved until you go see it. Call your credit card company and let them know what happened and that you want to prosecute who ever did it, and will cooperate with any investigation.

(Even with a debit card, you should be protected, right?) Make a police report. You can think about letting them know that you suspect your family, but I'd be very very careful with the possibility of making a false accusation. The security video should give you all the information you need.

NTA (Not the A%@hole) to pursue this, but let the evidence take you where you need to go. You won't know your family did it until you actually know for sure.

P.S. You might want to let your family know that Walmart keeps security footage and you're heading over there to see it, so is there anything they'd like to tell you before you go to the police?

orpheusoxide says:

Report the card was stolen. Tell them you suspect your family did it but have no proof, but want to get an investigation started.

Do not, I repeat not, give your family a heads up. If they call after your brothers get arrested, tell them it's out of your hands now. They were so adamant they didn't steal from you that you told the police so they could figure it out.

And OP...if your family steals from you and expects you to help cover it up or suck it up, there's something deeply fundamentally wrong with them. I'd avoid going anywhere near them. If they can steal $1500 from you, they can and will do worse.

ShinyArtist says:

NTA (Not the A%@hole). Walmart will have cameras and you can identify them if the thieves are your brothers. Tell your family that and give them one chance to give you all your money back, or you go to the police.

And even if it wasn’t your brothers, you still report it to the police. And let your family also know that. The police’s job to track the thieves down whether they’re your brothers or not.

The fact they’re asking you not to go to the police if it’s just a random thief, just makes it more suspicious that it is your brothers. And tell them that too.

Special_Lychee_6847 says:

NTA (Not the A%@hole). Stop going in circles with your so called family.
Go to the police TODAY if they 'didn't do it' I would imagine they would want to real thief caught.

If you still want to have any contact with these pol that see no issue robbing you, leave your wallet at home from now on, and be obvious about it. 'Hey, I'm here. No use trying to steal from my purse, I left everything at home.' Make sure you follow all steps the police line out for you. Go get your money back.

What do you think? Is OP right to accuse his family?

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