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'AITA for walking out of my GF's birthday party after she called me a cheapskate?'

'AITA for walking out of my GF's birthday party after she called me a cheapskate?'


My girlfriend called me a cheapskate for the birthday gift I got her.

fleurfascinate writes:

My girlfriend (26F) recently celebrated her birthday, and I (28M) wanted to make it special. I spent a lot of time thinking about what to get her and decided on a personalized photo album with pictures of our time together over the last few years. I also wrote her a heartfelt letter expressing my love for her and detailing how much she means to me.

When it came time for her to open the gift, she did so in front of our friends and family at her party. I could tell she was underwhelmed, and she even made a face. Then she said, "Wow, this is it? You're such a cheapskate!" in front of everyone.

I was stunned and embarrassed. People laughed awkwardly, and I could see she was expecting something more expensive. I was hurt by her reaction, especially since I put so much thought and effort into the gift.

After a few minutes, I quietly excused myself and left the party. I didn't want to cause a scene, but I couldn't shake the feeling of humiliation. My girlfriend later called me and said I overreacted by leaving the party and that it was all in good fun.

She also accused me of not putting in any effort since the gift was not expensive. I told her I felt disrespected and that my feelings were hurt. Now I'm questioning whether I was wrong to leave the party. AITA for walking out of my girlfriend's birthday party after she called me a "cheapskate" for the gift I gave her?

Here are the top comments:

Aggressive-Ad-6647 says:

No way. Stand your ground. She’s def the AH and a selfish, unkind, unappreciative, etc… I hope there are some redeeming qualities in there somewhere for you.

Cool_Implement_7894 says:

You are definitely NTA -- she humiliated and publicly scolded you in front of her guests. Afterwards, she continued to disrespect your feelings by guilt-tripping, shaming and gaslighting you. Ask yourself: Is this what you're willing to accept from someone who's supposed to appreciate, respect and cherish you?

Sassy-Peanut says:

OP-You need to value yourself more and stop taking the blame for your gf''s sh^#$y behaviour. You deserve much better than her. Even if she hated the gift - which was so thoughtful btw - she should have kept her trap shut. It's obvious to anyone all she cares about is money - not you.

alicat33133 says:

She’s materialistic. The effort was in the thoughtfulness of the gift, not the price tag. Don’t stay with this person.

knallpilzv2 says:

NTA. Don't let her gaslight you into believing it was "all in good fun". How is it a joke if she still goes on about the monetary cost?

She didn't just hurt your feelings, she also severely invalidated your attitude towards her and the relationship. She very clearly communicated (and is still communicating) that luxury is a lot more important to her than genuine appreciation and thoughtfulness. So let that sink in.

Even if you caused a big scene right then and there you would have been NTA. The more often someone like that gets away with something like this the more they think it's OK or appropriate.

What do you think? Should OP have walked out?

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