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'AITA for not giving my GF a second chance after she falsely accused me of cheating?'

'AITA for not giving my GF a second chance after she falsely accused me of cheating?'


Was I wrong to not take my girlfriend back after she falsely accused me of cheating on her?

Inevitable-Lab-3229 writes:

I (20M) and my girlfriend (25F) have been dating since I was 18. I felt a connection with her, and she was my first-ever girlfriend, my first time, and first everything. Our relationship was amazing, and I wouldn't have traded her for anything.

But a few months ago, I went to a birthday party for a friend. She was just turning 22, and my girlfriend was busy, so she couldn't make it. Somehow, an image of me hugging the birthday girl (and mind you, my friend is a lesbian – it's like my girlfriend forgot) and videos of me giving her a piggyback ride to her cake made its way to my girlfriend.

When I got home, she immediately confronted me and asked if I did anything. I said no and practically told her what I did, pointing out that I texted her throughout the night I was out and the fact that my friend is a lesbian. But it still wasn't enough, and she left me.

To say the least, I was heartbroken. So I hung out with a few buddies of mine to cheer myself up, and it worked a little. But 2 months later, she contacted me and realized she was wrong, wanting to get back together, but I declined.

She's calling me all sorts of names, saying it was a mistake, and has also confessed that she hooked up with someone the next night after breaking it off with me. She offered to give me a free pass with someone else and said she's sorry. Now, I'm sitting here wondering if I'm the AH for not taking her back.

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Fragrant-Reserve4832 says:

She left to for that other guy. Her reasoning was bad and she knew it. Now the new guy doesn't want her. Now she wants to come back to her safe guy. Don't take her back, she is not good for you.

The names she's calling you are because she feels entitled to you, to your support and help. She deserves what she has now, nothing and no one. Let her rebuild her life alone while you move on to bigger and better things.

wardenferry419 says:

Don't. She started this drama by accusing you of cheating, she escalated this drama by breaking up, then she capped it off by going out with someone else. Now she is regretting her mistakes. What happens once is more likely to happen again. Move on with your life. NTA (Not the A&^*ole).

ramk88 says:

Lol. dont you get it. She did that because she was already cheating on you and just waiting for an opportunity to break up with you. Why do you think he was ready and waiting the very next day? Is this the type of woman you want to give a second chance? Let alone have any contact with. She will drag you down and destroy you. RUN!

Ok-Map-6599 says:

She showed you who she is - believe her. She doesn't need evidence to find you guilty of betrayal. And she showed your relationship wasn't that important to her by jumping straight to a rebound.

This red-flag behaviour won't be confined to this one incident, or even to just suspicion around your fidelity. NTA. Leave her in the past where she belongs. She might have been the older one in your relationship but it sounds like you have her beat for emotional intelligence.

What do you think? Should OP get back with his girlfriend?

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