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'My husband almost let our newborn get hit by a car. My toddler saved him.' MAJOR UPDATE

'My husband almost let our newborn get hit by a car. My toddler saved him.' MAJOR UPDATE


Some experiences are too traumatic to process alone.

In a popular post on the True Off My Chest subreddit, a woman shared the horror show her husband almost let happen. She wrote:

"My husband almost k*lled our baby and my toddler saved him."

I need to share this story because I'm still shaking from what happened. I'm 25F, been with my husband (30M) since 2018. We have a three-year-old girl and a newborn boy. But tonight, things almost took a turn for the worse. My husband has always had trouble paying attention, but I never thought it would come to this.

Our neighborhood is weirdly laid out, with cars zooming by at crazy speeds at all hours off the day I was folding clothes when I heard our toddler screaming, "Dad, help!" That tone made me drop everything and sprint outside. What I saw made my blood run cold – our newborn in his stroller, careening towards the busy street. I screamed and ran to him barely stopping the stroller in time.

My baby girl's hands and knees were scratched up because she tripped trying to run after the stroller. I snatched up my baby, heart pounding, and scanned for my husband. He wasn't watching – he was chatting with neighbors, completely oblivious. The anger I felt was unlike anything I've ever experienced. I stormed up to him, shouting in disbelief.

He looked shocked at first, then realized what almost happened. The apologies and tears came pouring out, but it was too late. I couldn't wrap my head around how he could be so careless, so blind to our toddler's screams and the stroller rolling away. I packed up the kids and left, staying with my parents. They're on my side, but my husband keeps texting, begging forgiveness, calling it an honest mistake.

But I can't shake the terror of almost losing my baby because he couldn't focus for a single second. My baby girl got hurt in the process because he couldn’t pay attention. I almost lost my son because he couldn’t pay attention. I can’t stop crying. I feel so guilty. I wish this all never happened.

Sorry it’s short I just want to hold my babies and I can’t stop shaking every time I think about it. What if I was just one second late would I have been planning a funeral?. And the reason I left the house instead of him was because I hate that house I don’t feel like it safe for the kids with all the traffic and I was right It’s my husband‘s work house. I can’t be running either.

I had a C-section less six weeks ago A lot of people are saying why wasn’t I watching the kids I was doing their laundry like a parent. He takes them for walks to have bonding time with them. He literally created this by himself This has never happened before how was I supposed to know and people saying why didn’t I get him checked out?

I’m NOT his mother he is 30 years old, I’m sick of people acting like I have to parent my own husband while I literally have a newborn a toddler and I’m still healing from a C-section that I teared my stitches from when I ran to get my baby I don’t care if it was his ADHD, the court wouldn’t care either. If he ki*led my child, he would’ve went to pr*son, either way.

The internet had a lot to say in response.

Specific-Yam-2166 wrote:

Okay - he was 100% wrong and I’d be livid just like you. However. I’m a little confused about the situation…like why was your baby just in a stroller unattended? Why did the stroller randomly go into the road? Since it sounds like you were at home, is this maybe something y’all normally do just to have a place for baby to sit out front of your house when your toddler is playing outside?

And maybe was a freak accident? I’m going to be honest as a mom - most of us have stories of near death experiences with our kids. We can be naive and stupid and expect a little child to have more awareness/survival skills than they do. When my son was two we had a HORRIBLE experience with an escalator and I still have times where I can’t sleep because of it.

We are all idiots when it comes to parenting, because how can you know until you live it. And seriously, like every parent has one of these moments (unless you’re one of those insanely lucky ones). I still really don’t understand the whole scenario of what happened but to me it seems he really has remorse and feels terrible, and once you go through something like that you never forget it.

So if he cares and loves your kids, he’s devastated and has learned a hard lesson. I don’t know that your response was the best but get why you did it in the moment. But I think you guys have a serious talk and maybe look into moving if possible? I wouldn’t go straight to divorce like Reddit loves to preach. I think there is a solution here. And so sorry you’re dealing with this, it’s literally the worst feeling in the world!

OP responded:

Hi love, let me just clear it up for you so I was sitting inside in the lounge room and there’s a huge window behind the TV that was a little open so I could hear outside that’s when I heard my toddler scream for her dad to help when I was outside he was standing on the neighbour's driveway.

I assume that he must’ve had left the baby literally on the road because there was no possible way that it would’ve rolled off like that, and my toddler was playing with the neighbour's cat before she noticed her brother was rolling away when I confronted him about it. He tried to explain but he just kept stuttering I still don’t know what exactly happened.

I don’t know if he didn’t put the brakes on the stroller. If the wind blew him away, I just don’t know. My neighbour contacted me and had asked if I wanted the security footage because his wife is 100% on my side so I’ll probably find out once it gets sent to me.

procrastinatador wrote:

I want to aknowledge that this is a horrific situation, but saying "I don't care if it was his ADHD" isn't going to fix anything, and will probably only make things worse. Talking and thinking about it like he intentionally tried to k*ll your child isn't either. With ADHD you actually do not register things like this at all sometimes.

Life expectancy for those of us with ADHD is actually significantly lower because many of us end up, often accidentally, k*lling ourselves. It is not the same thing as carelessness, but learning about ADHD a little deeper can help you guys be safer. Understanding how my ADHD works and using different than standard precautions, like my brain needs, has actually most likely saved my life.

Lie out what you want from him. That's probably that he get his ADHD better under control whether that be through prescription medication or more homeopathic method, that you get a different place if possible, that he not take your kids out in your front yard without you, etc. Also, neither he or the neighbor noticed, but you heard your kid from inside? Something seems off here.

Were your neighbors just watching the stroller roll towards the street? Was your husband on the other side of your house where he couldn't see the stroller? Were you already walking outside as this unfolded? I'm trying to understand better what was going on here and why your husband or the neighbor did not notice, but you did from inside?

People with ADHD tend to be incredibly good and quick to act in emergency situations, so this is especially weird. I'm absolutely not accusing you of leaving anything out or anything, but asking you to think about what your husband and the neighbor were doing that neither noticed?

THAT smells fishy. This is a horrible situation. I lost a pet due to the inattentiveness of ADHD but I can't imagine losing or even nearly losing a child.

OP responded:

That’s why I’m waiting for the footage it doesn’t make sense how this all happene.d I don’t know how to explain my house, there’s a huge window in the lounge room it was open a little. I can listen out, the neighbour's house is 2 houses away, we are at the end of the street near the main road. When you first walk into my house, on your left there is the lounge on the right of the kitchen.

When I got up I couldn’t run that fast because I’m still healing. Sorry if this doesn’t make sense when I ran outside the neighbour's wife was running for the stroller but was still far away and the neighbour was helping my little girl off the road. That’s all I seen I’m just waiting for a response from them my husband was just standing there hands on his head doing nothing.

theonenamedlingling wrote:

I f#$king screamed when I read what happened. Are you okay? Like did you get any more damage to yourself? You literally JUST had a baby. What the f#$k was your husband doing?

Like being outside with small children especially on a busy street should be treated like watching babies swim because anything can happen in an instant. I hope you are okay and also…idk but do you all have cameras in your house? I wonder how long your husband was talking to the neighbor…

OP responded:

I tore my stitches from the C-section and had to go to the ER while I was there, I made sure my baby girl got her knees and hands bandaged up The crazy thing is, I didn’t even realise I was bleeding and until I was in my parents car. My mum pointed it out. She panicked, took baby boy. Back to their house and my dad took me and my daughter to the hospital.

The next day, OP shared an update.

The neighbour's wife sent me the footage, and I really can’t just wrap my head around it, so my husband was walking with the stroller and my toddler was in front of them when they passed the neighbour's house. My neighbour was outside, washing his car, and my toddler saw his pet cat and stopped to go pet it, so my husband. Stopped.

LEFT MY BABY ON THE ROAD he didn’t even bother locking the wheels and walked all the way up the driveway not even bothering looking back at the baby he had his back face to him for about five minutes before the stroller just suddenly started moving. I think it’s because the road is on a hill kinda or it could’ve been the wind. My toddler never went near the stroller.It couldn’t been her.

The stroller went down the road and my toddler. That’s when she started screaming and running for it when she saw. If the neighbour started running after my daughter when she tripped, he tried to pick her up that’s when the neighbour's wife’s car comes into frame and she stops and starts running back to the way the stroller is coming after that you can’t really see anything because it’s all out of frame.

But you can hear all the commotion my husband just stood there the whole time hand on his head with a blank stare on his face he didn’t even do anything when our toddler was crying from hurting herself he only started crying when I confronted him. What do I do I genuinely do not know what to do. I’m panicking. This was never the life I wanted for my kids. I don’t understand why he was in standing there.

I have not even gotten a text or a call from him since I got sent the video it’s just been silent I just can’t get the sound of my daughter's screams. That’s the sound that no mother wants to hear. I can’t explain in the moment, but it felt like my blood went cold. and I just felt pure fear I never wanna watch the footage again.

The internet was stunned by the update.

lynypixie wrote:

This is just pure horror.

That toddler is a f**king MVP! I swear she will never leave her sibling’s side.

domingerique wrote:

It is. And I can’t believe so many people were talking about the ADHD like this whole situation wasn’t his fault because he has it. You don’t get excused for endangering your child because you have ADHD, you have to take extra precautions to take care of your child despite your ADHD. Wow those comments made me furious.

sandwitch_horror wrote:

My husband and I both have ADHD. So does my daughter. Our house is pure chaos sometimes. Never f#$king ever has anything even remotely close to this ever happened to us.

We forget to close gates, lock doors, grab our phones off the hood of we take extra measures to remember shit. Extra checks for stuff for example. I could never forget I have a whole a*s baby who I leave in the middle of the road...I also wouldn't forget to react.

jupitersely wrote:

I think leaving the newborn baby on the road, instead of bringing him up the neighbors' driveway with everyone, would be enough for me to divorce my partner.

Afterhoneymoon wrote:

There is no recovering from this after the video footage proved how he was negligent thrice in almost an instant- the initial stop and walk, not hearing/seeing the toddler, and not doing anything after all of that. And he still hasn’t even communicated with her???

ramblinator wrote:

I'll bet he hasn't contacted her because he's afraid of her response. I don't know if it's an ADHD thing or an avoidant thing, but it's like, you're afraid of the outcome of the conversation, so you just don't have the conversation. If he never calls her then she can't tell him what a s*&t father he is or that she wants a divorce.

If he just ignores the problem maybe it will just blow over and everything can go back to normal. I'm obviously heavily speculating, based on my own experience with an avoidant personality. But even if all of that is true, it doesn't excuse anything. It's still f#$ked up that he hasn't called her at all.

stacity wrote:

I can’t believe a three year old reacted quickly to her baby brother and had the wherewithal to sprint into action as opposed to their father. He failed his family here.

riflow wrote:

I'm still horrified at how if she didn't notice, her little brother would almost certainly not be around anymore. Like. I remember how little my nibling was at that age, I am absolutely crushed and horrified at what her dad made her have to experience. Let alone what it did to OP, who should've been on bed rest due to her birth related injuries.

OP is absolutely within her right to leave him, if it comes to that.

Sources: Reddit
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