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'My husband thinks I slept with another man but the reality is different.' MAJOR UPDATE

'My husband thinks I slept with another man but the reality is different.' MAJOR UPDATE


There are times when you don't even need to give someone a taste of their own medicine. You just need to trick them that you've given them a taste of their own medicine.

In a popular post on the True Off My Chest subreddit, a woman shared the tale of her revenge plan against her cheating ex. She wrote:

"My husband thinks I slept with another man but the reality is different."

I caught my husband of 10 years cheating on me with multiple women. He bragged about how he was able to get laid. I know one woman who is 19 years old. It seems like it was just an ego boost for him. I always knew he had issues with his ego. He was a very insecure man. Whenever someone does something better than him he would get jealous. Looking back I regret choosing him.

Because I thought that he was a sweet person, so it didn’t matter of he is a bit egotistical. When I found out that he was cheating, I left him and took my kids with me. I also exposed his affairs. He has since been begging me to take him back. I know for sure he is begging because his mom kicked his a*s. No one is taking his side.

His last straw is to make me reconcile with him so that he is somewhat acceptable. I refused. Because all the things he said about me, about my body, he can never come back from it. I nearly died after giving birth to my son and all he said was that my body is ruined. So my friend gave me an idea to hook up with someone else as a revenge. I was hesitant. I am not someone who can do random hookups.

So I staged a lie. With the help of my friends, I staged having a revenge affair. The last time he came to convince me he said he cut off all contact with his AP and got himself into therapy. I wasn’t satisfied. I wanted to crush his ego and crush his confidence. I told him that I slept with someone else. At first he didn’t believe me.

Told me I was lying. I pulled out my phone where there was text exchange between me and a random guy which was just me and my friends chatting. We exchanged pics (fake pics) and there were spicy messages. He started to believe me. He pestered to know more about this guy. I made up a story how he is someone I met at the gym. I can see him losing his s**t.

He started cursing me "how can you do this to me." He started asking me questions "did you use protection" "how many times did you do it" "did he make me come." The last thing that actually broke him was when he asked my friend about it. She is the friend with whom I'm staying currently. She lied to him and said that we were making noises all night.

And I send my kids to my mom's for that. I can see my cheating husband having a meltdown. He really thought he was all that. I might end up hooking up with a random person because I am done with him and I'm done with our marriage.

The internet loved OP's chosen form of revenge.

Shacuras wrote:

Honestly, this is probably better than actually having a revenge affair.

OP responded:

To be honest, my heart is still loyal to my marriage. No matter how much I hate him he is still, on paper, my husband. I cannot disrespect my vows.

InSaneWhiSper wrote:

You're still married to him????

OP responded:

We separated 6 months ago. I left home. I filed for divorce. We are legally married but there is some custody issues.

SaltyBalty98 wrote:

Be careful. He might blow a lid considering his previous on top of the world attitude. Take care of the divorce, try to keep these details or what your soon to be ex believes and tells your kids. There's nothing worse for the kids than being in the middle of all the resentment and lies. Be cordial. Then you can do whatever you want.

OP responded:

I hardly think that. My friends are reliable. They won't snitch. Even if one of them did. I still have proof of it and witness. But I don’t think he will go that far.

Signal_Historian_456 wrote:

You go girl! Next time laugh and tell him that it’s actually crazy how many men want your "ruined“ body. And if he takes the kids for the weekend or goes out with them, dress up and act as if you’d have a date. See how he reacts.

OP responded:

Good idea.

lulgupplet wrote:

I'm soooooooo happy for you lady ❤️ a refreshing read to see a woman not backing down.

Just another encouragement to stay away: men like this are STD grab bags. Staying away from him is best for your health!

OP responded:

God knows how long he has been cheating. I'm glad I am clean.

S*xbegets wrote:

What your husband did to you is despicable. Your feeling the need for revenge is understandable, maybe even “normal.” But I can tell you with confidence that bitterness and revenge will poison your soul. Forgiving him, moving on, and finding love and happiness with another man will make him regret his actions more than revenge s*x ever will.

Kinonan_B wrote:

Make a Tinder profile. You don't have to talk to people. But put some pics and say you are looking for something casual. I bet you can actually show him how many people that wants to hookup with you. I read about someone here on Reddit that did this when her husband wanted an open relationship to show him how many matches she had in 24 was hundreds!

Six weeks later, OP shared an update.

Today seems like a good day to give you guys an update. No I'm still not divorced. We recently just finished the discussion about the custody. There was a lot of back and forth. He wanted majority of the custody knowing well he knows nothing about child care. Finally we decided that I will get majority of the custody and he will get visitation.

Probably the reason why he choose this is because he wanted to keep up with his bachelor life without the responsibility of the family. My daughter has stopped asking questions. I think deep down she knows her dad messed up. I have signed my daughter and son up for therapy. As for me, I'm not dating. I'm also not interested in a one night stand. I opened Tinder and yeah I got a lot of messages.

It was a shock to me as well lol. Not bragging but it made me sad because all these men just want a fling. I'm a romantic person. I want someone who can spoil me. I want someone who will hold me tight and say nice things. I want to rely on someone for my emotional needs and he will be there for me. Just like I will be there for them. I regret wasting so many years of my life over a man who won't do that.

But I guess I am one the unlucky first wives lol. My ex is still trying to convince me to reconsider. He made so many excuses that I can write a book about it and then give classes about gaslighting 101. I did something petty again. I listed number of things he could've done instead of cheating and forwarded the list to him. He was mad at me.

But it worked because he stopped giving me excuses. I will be fine. Just a little down. I am trying to stay positive for my kids. Just like Gloria Gaynor's song, I will survive. I will update in another good day when life will get better.

The internet was fully in OP's corner.

Beginning-Working-38 wrote:

I’m amazed an insecure weasel like him was able to get multiple women to sleep with him.

OP responded:

Just like guys some girls have low standards or are just very insecure about themselves.

gallifreyan_overlord wrote:

I mean he went for a 19 year old. Someone fresh into adulthood and doesn’t have the experience to realize when they’re being played by AHs.

There’s so much I wish I did differently than when I was a teenager.

Noirjyre wrote:

Sounds like he wants no child support. Rather than actually wanting the kids. Stay strong no need to punish yourself for his mistakes.

OP responded:

Which is funny because child support is exactly the same amount of money he would've spent either way if we stayed together. Kids cost money. One thing I will give it to him is that he wasn’t stingy when it came to paying bills when it came to the kids.

PrettyLittleAccident wrote:

Stay strong. Leaving is the hardest part, you’ve done amazing and will continue to do so. You’ll get the life you deserve some day soon and hopefully he’ll get the shitty life he deserves.

Ok_Coffee_9272 wrote:

This is awful! You husband sounds like an awful awful man. Why is he begging you to reconsider after the horrible things he has said. You’re a strong woman and done the right thing, completely. Sometimes peace means letting others getting on with their own agenda and you just protecting yourself and your kids. I wish you all the best and positive vibes ✨

Ragadast335 wrote:

You have survived and you will, for sure!! You're an amazing and strong woman!! One you get accustomed to be on your own and normalize the new situation, you'll be better than ever, that man was only a burden for you, but now you can fly free. I wish the best for you and your children!!

OP is onto greener pastures, that is for sure.

Sources: Reddit
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