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'My landlord allowed someone else into my home. What can I do about it?' UPDATED 2X

'My landlord allowed someone else into my home. What can I do about it?' UPDATED 2X


Having your personal space invaded is a horrible feeling, but having your home broken into is another thing entirely.

"My landlord allowed someone else into my home."

I moved into my current place a little over three years ago (TX). When I moved in, I was getting mailings from the old tenant so I would write, "No longer at this address" and put back in the mail. For about 6 months, the old tenants mail stopped coming here.

However, it started up again (mainly insurance mailings and some kind of retirement or medical info - I've never opened anything, just can tell by the company names on the envelopes). I was a bit annoyed, but went through the process of sending everything back to the sender, again. And it would stop for a bit and then start up again.

After doing this repeatedly, I finally stopped off at the medical center to drop off the old tenant's mail that was from them and asked them to remove this address. I was told that they verify address each visit and it was listed as a current address. I again asked them to remove the address and left.

I went on vacation for three weeks not too long ago and had a pet sitter visiting to take care of my pets while I was gone (she didn't stay the night). I was enjoying my vacation until my landlord blew up my phone telling me that he was going to go into my house to look for the old tenant's mail since I am refusing to return her calls.

I was completely confused so I checked and there were no less than 20 voicemails from this woman demanding her mail (my sitter was bringing all of the mail in each day when she stopped by and putting on my desk for when I returned) and apparently, my landlord shared my cellphone number with this woman without my permission.

I have my phone set to ignore texts and phone calls from people who are not listed in my contacts, so I didn't even get notification her phone calls or voicemails. I told my landlord that he absolutely did not have permission to enter the house for this reason and since this is not an emergency and he allows this woman to use my legal address, she can wait until I get home and find another place to send her mail.

He didn't respond but I got a notification that my alarm was going off and when I checked the live feed, not only did he let himself into my house, he also allowed her in to look for her mail (and they walked all over my house looking through some of my stuff). I did call the police but they left before the p*lice arrived.

My landlord is pissed I called the cops (I told him I was going to call) and thinks that his old tenant using this address is "no big deal". But I pay the rent here. This was never discussed with me previously. This is not a requirement in the lease or any riders that I am to maintain an old tenants mail for her and call her to pick it up (this stuff come on a regular, weekly basis).

I also found out that many times when I thought the mail was not coming, she was just arriving before I got home, going through my mailbox, and removing her mail (I never noticed as my mailbox is slightly out of range of my camera).

I don't want to live here anymore as I am tired of being the postbox for this woman and I am angry that my landlord not only let himself into my house for a stupid reason but he also allowed her into my house and they went through all of my stuff looking for her mail.

I am also angry that he gave out my personal information to someone without my permission. What are my options? I had just signed another 2 year lease and am 4 months into the new lease.

People were quick to share their advice.

PendorBound wrote:

Maybe contact your local post master? Seems like someone who doesn’t live there regularly stealing items from your mailbox might be the kind of thing they’d pay some attention to.

OP responded:

I’ve been to the post office numerous times. I will try again!

PendorBound wrote:

Go online to the USPS website and request an investigation, some local USPS offices won't respond in person until they have the corporate offices breathing down their necks Also, for the key you should request a new key with the local USPS which would require they change the lock so the old tenant can't get her mail.

OP responded:

I live in a house and have a regular by-the-road mailbox. I can’t lock it and it’s encased in brick so I can’t change it out. I will get a USPS mailbox but I want this woman to stop using my address, too.

Anoncommenter wrote:

Using your address may allow her actual tenancy if she decided to become a squatter she literally has evidence she lives there, c*ps might not help you...

OP responded:

Well, I have security footage showing she’s not lived in this property since I moved in. But, yeah. A p*lice report was made for recording sake but they won’t do anything at this point.

Katwoman7643 wrote:

I talked to our mailman when we 1st moved into our current house about all of the mail that wasn't for us. He pulls it before it ever gets to my mailbox. He even stopped to ask me about mail sent to my grandson (he's 11 and lives with us) before delivering it. I found it helpful to get to know our mailman.

OP responded:

I know our mailwoman. She’s terrible. She chain smokes while delivering. She’s nice but she clearly doesn’t give a crap about anything. Today, my mailbox was packed full of mail and there was mail from 4 of my neighbors in there. I’ve complained about her smoking and my letters and packages reeking of smoke.

But nothing is done. I had school pics delivered to my house and the envelope says in BIG BOLD letters not to fold as pics are enclosed…and she did. I had the photo company resend pics to my husband’s work. The lack of any concern sucks.

22LT wrote:

Put a change of address in with the LL address :D lol

OP responded:

I know for a fact I cannot do this as I inquired about it before. Her other mail does not come here except those two items. I get stuff from BCBS and the large hospital/medical center. Nothing else comes.

[deleted] wrote:

Wait, the only mail showing up is Blue Cross Blue Shield and stuff from the Hospital? Lady seems to be either dodging those medical bills or committing some type of insurance fraud that requires her to get mail at your address - if that’s a thing. The weird part is that for over 3 years she’s apparently been showing up and getting her mail so she “needs” it but she hasn’t bothered to update her address.

OP responded:

Hasn’t bothered…because I’ve sent mail back saying she doesn’t live here. She’s actively going into the medical center and confirming her current address is my address. This is what I was told when I walked some mail from the medical center to tell them to remove the address.

Obviously, they can’t give me medical info (and I didn’t ask), but they stated they confirm her address each time she comes in. So she’s actively telling them my address is her current address.

The next day, OP shared an update.

UPDATE: Thank you so much for everyone who had commented. I can’t personally respond to all of the messages, though I tried for a while. I wanted to give a quick update. I spoke with a few attorneys and have decided to retain one. I’ve sent everything over to him, he will review what I have this weekend and I have a meeting with him on Monday to discuss this further.

He said not to do anything at the moment until he has a better idea of what we’re dealing with. He also advised not to speak with the LL outside of text or email. I just actually watched some of the videos.

I have cameras in the kitchen, living room, dining room, family room and hallways leading to the bedrooms and my office. They did not go into the bedrooms but they did go into my office where you see her emerge with some mail.

You can actually hear her say, “this is beyond ridiculous that I need to call you so I can get what belongs to me. Absolutely ridiculous!!” If I didn’t know her name, I’d think it was Karen.

I can update more after I meet with the attorney.

A commenter was quick to jump on with their thoughts.

[Deleted] wrote:

Interestingly enough, you can register for Informed Delivery online at You’ll receive a daily email showing the images of the mail you are scheduled to receive that day. Another thing is Mail Hold.

The post office will hold your mail for up to 30 days. At the end of the hold, you specify if you want the mail delivered or if you want to pick it up. I always submit an online hold request when I’m going to be out of town for more than 3 days. Good luck to you.

OP responded:

I’ve had informed delivery for a while. It definitely does not have an image of all of the mail I am supposed to receive. But it also does not have mail that is address to the last tenant, so I have no way of knowing if things are missing. With that said, the camera was installed yesterday that get a clear view of the mailbox.

Three months later, OP shared another update.

I figured I'd give an update to some things that have happened in this situation. First, I had the locks on the house changed and created a copy for the LL. My attorney spoke with him regarding the situation and was advised that the LL was told that this mail was "extremely important" and she had heard that it was "accidentally" sent to the "old" address.

That she needed it and could not wait, which is why he gave her my phone number. When she could not get a hold of me, he agreed to let her in to get the mail thinking he was helping her.

When my lawyer explained what was actually going on, my LL was shocked and expressed a lot of regret for how this all happened. He did apologize to me and promised that he would never allow this to happen again, and was upset that he was lied to. I completely forgave him and do not think I have to worry about this again. I also had her trespassed and she is not allowed within 100 feet of my house/mailbox.

A new camera has been put up (LL reimbursed me for this) and covers the full driveway and mailbox. For the woman, my attorney had her personally served with a cease and desist letter. She did call my attorney and complained that it wasn't hurting anyone and she needed to have this mail sent to my address and asked if I would be willing to just hold on to it for her.

She didn't give any reasons as to why (she now lives several towns away). My attorney stated that she absolutely was not allowed to have ANY mail delivered to my address and now that she's been personally served with the cease and desist, if any of her mail is delivered to my address again, she will be hit with a lawsuit.

And advised that she has been trespassed, there are cameras up now, and if she is seen by my house/mailbox, a lawsuit will be filed. He also mailed a copy of the cease and desist letter and notice of trespass to each and every insurance and medical company that had been sending mail to my address.

Advised that she was not a legal resident of the property, that all mail would be returned and gave her correct, new address. The Postmaster said that he would take care of this and not to worry on the Post Office side. I feel like everything is ok now and I am not worried about having to deal with this any longer. So, happy ending for me. Thanks for all of the concerns and suggestions!

The comments came flowing in.

Many_Monk708 wrote:

I would SERIOUSLY consider taking her to small claims for attorney fees for having to deal with this bulls**t. But I’m a petty b#$ch like that.

stevesobol wrote:

A lawsuit for trespass? If that ps*cho comes back, she needs to be arrested and criminally charged. I don't know that I'd push for criminal charges if more mail gets sent to you - even if she tells everyone to stop sending mail to your address, it may not happen. But showing up on your property again? F#$K no.

OP responded:

As the lawyer explained, it’s more of a threat than a promise. If she shows up again, yes, she will get consequences. She’s not welcome here. As for having her mail sent here, it shouldn’t make it past the post office but it was more of a threat that giving out this address for any reason would get her in trouble.

Since she verified my address was her current address every time she went to the doctor (for insurance and for doctor office), it was more to get the point across that illegally using my address would result in consequences for her.

I hope it doesn’t come to that but it sounds like she was upset enough not to try it. I’m not sure why she insists on using this address but it may have something to do with the facility she goes to being out of network?? Who knows. I sympathize but not enough to let her illegally use my address. 🤷🏻‍♀️

statslady23 wrote:

So weird. Does she have a job that requires residency in a certain area? I get the doctor thing, but is that it?

OP responded:

I have no idea…

apHedmark wrote:

You're too nice. The 11 years that I rented, I've made the basic effort to stop undesired mail (notify post office, put my name inside the box with a note "only tenant at this location", and mark some letters as NATA/RTS) during the first two months. After that, every single piece of mail has gone into the fireplace.

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