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'My MIL tried to break me and my partner up with cruel "prank." It backfired.' UPDATED 3X

'My MIL tried to break me and my partner up with cruel "prank." It backfired.' UPDATED 3X


A man shared the story of his mother-in-law from hell. And it's a bumpy ride, so buckle up!

Part 1: "Kicked out my MIL"

In his original post, he writes:

My boyfriend and me, we’re a gay couple, we’re together for 4 years now. Since gay marriage is not legal where we live, we won’t be able to get married but still, I have a MIL. And a quite nasty one. When her son told her he’s gay, she didn’t believe him.

My boyfriend is masculine, so he doesn’t fit into her stereotypes and she thought he must be joking about being gay. When he brought me over to meet his mother, she realized it’s true after all and there was a scandal, a huge scandal. MIL didn’t talk to him for a few months, then she decided that she might as well get to know the person her son is together with.

The first thing she asked me was what I do for a living and I told her I’m a police officer. As soon as I said it, she started laughing uncontrollably. It looked as if she was having a seizure, she couldn’t stop laughing. My boyfriend and I, we couldn’t understand what was so funny about it and he was like ”Mom, what are you laughing about?”

She calmed down and was like ”You’re right, that’s actually not funny at all. Police officers should be real, tough men. If fairies work at police now, soon we won’t be able to go on a street, because crime will bloom like crazy.” She looked at me again and said ”I thought you’re a stripper or a hairdresser in the best case scenario. Not a cop.”

That’s actually nothing new for me. Many people have told me they would have never thought I’m a cop when they first met me. I don’t know why, maybe because I look younger than I am (I’m 30). But they were nice about it but MIL for some reason said it with a tint of evil in her voice.

Ironically that’s how my boyfriend and I met each other – he was partying, made a couple of stupid decisions that led to me arresting him and it all kind of unfolded from there. But that’s not even the real story behind this post. It was just a bit of an introduction so that you’d understand what she’s like.

The real problem was that some renovation is going on right now in MIL’s house and she needed a place to stay for 2 weeks. She wanted to come and live with us and my husband and me, we decided- why not? Let’s be good people, it’s just 2 weeks. Well, wrong. Before we kicked her out, she stayed with us for 5 days only and it was hell.

First, she didn’t respect the way we live. Of course, she didn’t have to go to bed when we go to bed but she could at least behave quietly. As soon as we turned off the lights in our room, she started running through the house like crazy, to the kitchen and back, to the bathroom and back. She wasn’t even trying to be quiet, it sounded as if she was deliberately thumping her feet on the floor.

Honestly, an elephant in the house would have made less noise. Whenever we told her about it, she was like ”Well, what can I do, if I’m hungry or need to use the bathroom? If you were tired, you would sleep, nothing would bother you.” And then one night I got sick and tired of it because I had an early shift the next day.

I came up to her and I said ”I think you have forgotten that I’m a cop and what you’re doing is a criminal offense, it’s night time and you’re disturbing the peace. I’m giving you a warning now, but if you continue, I’m arresting you, tomorrow we’re going to the police station together and you’re facing charges.”

MIL complained to my boyfriend that I’m threatening her, he didn’t defend her and I guess I scared her because noise at nights was no longer an issue after that. She had disgusting habits. She would never do dishes, she just put her dirty plate or cup in the sink and waited for us to wash it. Or she would eat a candy, not finish it and just stick it on to something.

We found candies stuck on to the side of the table, windowsills, sides of chairs all the time. She would cut her nails in the bathtub and just leave them there and when you get inside the bath, you step right on to the nails with your bare feet. It’s simply disgusting. I don’t know if she does this in her house too, I’ve only been there once but everything seemed clean.

But the last straw happened just a few days ago and that’s when we were like – hit the road, MIL. It was night, we were in our room and my boyfriend wanted to hook up. First I didn’t feel comfortable with it, as his mother was just a few rooms away from us but then I thought – it’s night, it’s late, she must be sleeping and we’ll be quiet.

And we were quiet, to hear us you’d had to literally press your ear against our door. And that’s what she was doing, I guess because the door suddenly swung open, MIL came inside, turned on the light and started screaming ”What is going on in here, what are you doing, why are you naked, have you got no shame! My son, I didn’t raise you like that!”

I was like – MIL, what do you think is going on? Like, we're in our house, we’re a couple, we’re together for 4 years, we love each other. Do you really think we don’t ever sleep together? Are you that deluded?

And so the next day we told MIL to pack her bags and move out. My boyfriend gave her enough money for a hotel, where she can stay until her house is ready for living again. We explained that we cannot live with her, because she obviously doesn’t know what sanitary means and doesn’t respect our privacy. She was wailing and crying loudly for what seemed like forever.

My boyfriend even had to pack her bag for her because she was sitting on the sofa, refusing to move. If she had behaved like a normal human being, this could have been different but she is who she is and we cannot have her in our house for another week or we’ll go crazy.

And when she finally left, she looked at us so very hatefully and was like ”And you think you people are very sanitary? It cannot be sanitary in the a$$!” Well, fortunately, she’s in the hotel now and we haven’t heard from her, probably she’s mad as hell but we don’t have to deal with her anymore and that’s the most important thing.

Yikes! Well, this isn't the end of the story.

OP later followed up with PART II of this saga:

I never thought I would post again and honestly, I don’t feel very comfortable bothering people here with my personal problems but my MIL seems to be really set her mind on breaking up my boyfriend and me. Thanks for all the support in the previous post, by the way, I appreciate it!

So after she left to go to a hotel, we didn’t hear from her for a number of days but yesterday I had a shift, I was working. It was almost time for my lunch break when suddenly MIL called me. I was already suspicious when I answered the phone, like – you don’t like me, I don’t like you, why are you calling me? She told me that my boyfriend is in the hospital.

First I freaked out a little because she sounded really worried but then I calmed down and as a police officer, it’s simply in my nature to ask a lot of questions to figure out what’s going on. I asked her what happened and she told me he lost consciousness and collapsed at his work and therefore was taken to the hospital and he called her from the hospital.

This first sentence was already enough for me to realize that something doesn’t add up. We’re together for 4 years and I’m pretty sure that if he actually was at the hospital, I would be the first person he would call, not her, especially considering the events that happened during her stay in our house.

I asked her what’s wrong with him and MIL told me that he needs to go through many examinations, they think he could have a concussion and problems with his blood pressure. I asked how does she know it all and she answered that he gave his phone to a nurse and she told everything to MIL.

I thought – unlikely story, MIL. I don’t know the laws in the US but where I live, hospitals are not allowed to give such information over the phone. They can tell you whether the person is there or not but they can’t tell you anything about their condition.

To find it out, you have to come in person. At this point I was almost completely sure that for whatever reason she’s making all this thing up and I asked her which hospital is he at, because there are like 5 big hospitals in the city. She told me the name and was like ”Why are you asking so much, hurry up, hurry up, you need to go to see him!”

I hang up on her and called my boyfriend. He wasn’t answering, I called repeatedly and he wasn’t answering. That kind of made me feel uneasy, I was like – wow, what if she’s was telling the truth, but then I called the hospital she mentioned and, just as I expected, they told me they don’t have such patient. I called all the biggest hospitals and the answer was always the same.

My boyfriend still wasn’t answering his phone and my lunch break was over by then, I had to go back to work. He called me back about an hour later and apologized he couldn’t call me back immediately because there were a lot of people in the coffee house (he’s a barista). I said, ”Are you ok because your mother is telling me you’re in the hospital with a concussion?”

There was a pause for a moment and then he was like ”What? What hospital? I’m at work, I’ve been working since morning, I’m fine.” I thought – nice try, MIL, nice try, but whatever you had planned, has failed.

Last evening he had a very heated conversation with his mother over the phone. He was livid, I had never seen him so mad before. He wanted to know why would she tell such lies, why would she try to deceive me, why would she make up something like this about him. It turned out that she was actually waiting in her car next to the hospital she told me in order to see if I arrive.

When my boyfriend asked her why did she do all of this, she said ”I just wanted to see if that man actually loves you, but he was just asking me all these silly and unnecessary things. If he really loved you, he would have dropped whatever he was doing at the moment and ran to the hospital. But men cannot love men, so that’s not surprising.”

They argued for almost an hour, he told her to stop bothering us or he’ll never contact her again. She was like ”You’re my son, you have to listen to me, I’m only doing what’s best for you, you cannot be together with a man, especially one who’s a cop.”

When I heard it, I was like – excuse me, what do you have against police officers? We’re working 24/7 and risking our lives so that you could walk out on to the streets safely. You should be thankful that there are people whose job is the protection of others. I bet if she had some kind of a legal problem where it involved police, her attitude would change like a switch.

She’d forget all the insults and her dislike towards me and start whining that we’re family and that’s why I must help her, I must get her out of these charges, etc. But you know what, if she ever actually gets in a trouble with the police, I’m not going to do one thing for her. She and her homophobic slurs have made me dislike her even more than she dislikes me.

Then she was like ”It was a joke, can’t you take a joke?” It’s so very sad that she doesn’t understand there are things you don’t joke about. Why would you joke about your son’s health? I’ve met many terrible mothers, to be honest, but they generally didn’t care about their children at all. This one seems to be finding enjoyment in trying to ruin her son’s relationships.

She’s retired, she doesn’t have anything to do, she sits at home all day and comes up with the stupidest things possible. She believes it’s me who’s taking her son away from her while actually, it’s her who’s pushing him further and further away. It’s been 4 years, I’m not sure how much more time she needs to finally accept that we’re a couple and there’s nothing she can do to separate us.

If same-sex marriage was legal here, he would be my husband by now. I understand that she grew up in a different century when two men or two women together was unacceptable but times have changed and people should change with them.

Right now he doesn’t want to talk about his mother at all, after the call he blocked her number. I know he’s hurt, he didn’t expect something like this from her – to tell me lies about him to see if I love him or not. That’s such a messed up thing to do, she probably still haven’t gotten over the fact that she couldn’t live with us and had to leave for a hotel.

The story didn't end there. OP shared this final, extremely dramatic update:

"MIL fell into the trap she set for me"

The situation with my MIL is escalating so fast I can’t even believe it but at least now she might receive what she deserves. The night after I wrote the previous post, I had a very tiresome shift. Family fights, drunk people in bars and on streets. We had to chase a speeding car throughout the whole city and the driver then decided to run away, we had to pursue him on foot.

So when I finally got home at about 7 AM the next morning, I was so exhausted I knocked out as soon as I reached my bed. I put my phone on silent mode because no one should bother me when I get my few hours of sleep after night shifts. The next day I didn’t have a shift, so there was no reason for anyone from my work to call me, I wasn’t worried about that.

However, around noon I woke up to several missed calls from the police station I work at. I called back and I was told to arrive immediately due to an emergency. I didn’t think much of it at first, because it happens sometimes, if something extraordinary has occurred, the police station mobilizes as many officers as they can.

Not often, but it happens, so I didn’t think for a moment it could be something about me. But when I got there, I found out that in the morning, while I was sound asleep, a woman had come to report a kidnapping. She claimed that an officer who works at this police station, aka me, has kidnapped her son and is keeping him captive in his home.

I knew instantly it was MIL, but this time I was like – it’s not funny anymore. There are minor offenses and then there are offenses that could potentially ruin your career. She was accusing me of a felony, which, if proven, not only would get me fired and disqualify me from ever being a police officer again but also charge me very seriously, up to life imprisonment.

Even though I knew I’m not guilty, I got really scared, I’ll be honest, because I didn’t know what else MIL has prepared, maybe some fake evidence or something. She was promised it’ll be investigated and she had been like ”What is there to investigate, just fire him already!”

The captain called me to his office and asked me to explain to him what’s going on because he doesn’t know what to think when there’s this woman accusing one of his officers of something so serious. And well, my country is about 50-50 liberal, there are nice people but there are also enough of people who think like MIL.

It was a horrible moment for me. I’m in the closet and I so didn’t want to come out but I had no other choice, if I refused to speak, it would make him suspicious. So I told the truth, that this woman is my MIL, the man that she’s talking about is my boyfriend, we’re a couple and MIL doesn’t like it, so she’s making up various lies to separate us. I also told about the hospital "joke" she pulled days ago.

The captain was understanding but he said he needs to check the information I gave him, which I totally understand. You cannot just blindly believe someone, police officers commit crimes too. His order was to arrange a meeting between me, my boyfriend and MIL to see who’s lying and who’s not.

I had to calm down my boyfriend before that, he was so mad. When we entered the room, MIL was already there and she acted as if he actually had been kidnapped, she ran up to him and hugged him while crying. My boyfriend pushed her away and told her to never touch him again.

He confirmed my words, that he has never been kidnapped, that he’s with me because he wants to be with me and he’s living in my house willingly. MIL wasn’t having that, of course. She did everything she could to fool the captain – crying, inventing things that have never happened and words that I have never said to her – but eventually ended up tangled in her own lies.

She said I have been keeping my boyfriend in captivity for 4 years and the captain was like ”So you mean your son was kidnapped for 4 years and you decided to file a report only now? Doesn’t make sense, ma’am.” She said I have intimidated him and that’s why he’s now saying he’s with me willingly, that he wasn’t so cold with her before, that I have ruined him, that I had threatened her.

At that point her BS didn’t even sound credible, she hadn’t thought it through, she was just saying whatever came into her mind. I could clearly see that the captain doesn’t believe her at all and I think MIL realized it too. So when the captain told her that she’s wasting police’s time and advised her to get over her prejudices about gay people, she decided to take a more personal approach and

asked the captain if he has children. I know he does have children, he has 2 daughters, but he seemed annoyed and told her that her question is totally inappropriate right now and has nothing to do with this situation. She insisted that he should side with her on this because as a police officer he should do this and he should do that and react like this and say that.

It was clear to everyone that there has been no kidnapping and she basically made a false report and aggravated the situation by starting to tutor the captain how he should work. He might have gone easier on her but you don’t teach someone who has been in service for almost 20 years how to do his job.

Her plan to get me in trouble ended with her getting arrested and now she’s the one who’s facing charges for filing a false police report and what makes it even worse is that she falsely accused not just a civilian, but a police officer. When MIL realized that the tables have been turned against her and that very soon she’ll find out what jail cell looks like from the inside, she looked terrified.

I bet she didn’t calculate how far can she go with this without having to face the consequences. She probably thought that even if she’s discovered, the officers will just shake their finger at her and be like ”That was not a nice thing to do, don’t do it again”. The legal system doesn’t work like that.

And the funny thing is that until the trial she could be released for a bail, but my boyfriend categorically refused to pay anything. We could technically afford it but he was like – no way, let her sit there and think about what she’s doing to her son. So unless she gets someone else to pay her bail, which I highly doubt because it’s not a small amount of money, all the time until her trial she’ll have to spend in jail.

And when she heard that we’re not going to pay her bail, she got mad as hell. The trial will take place next week, I will have to be there, my boyfriend will have to be there. Trials are not a pleasant thing to be part of and I don’t know now what her punishment will be, it could be anything from paying a fine till imprisonment up to 10 years.

I’ll let you know how this goes but I just hope that maybe now she’ll finally realize that karma is a bitch. Everything in this life has a boomerang effect, what you do to other people will eventually get back to you. If this doesn’t open her eyes, then I don’t know what will.

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