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Woman tells 'weird' mom she can't be alone with her grandson for giving him water. AITA?

Woman tells 'weird' mom she can't be alone with her grandson for giving him water. AITA?


"My mother isn't to be trusted alone with my baby."

SatisfactionOk7409 writes:

My husband (M24) and I (F23) welcomed our baby (M) in September of last year. In January, we made the decision to move from his hometown to mine, hoping to save up to buy a house. We moved in with my mom (50), who enthusiastically agreed to it.

However, over the past few months, she's been acting a little strange. She constantly checks to see if the baby has teeth, insists we stop feeding him milk, and tries to give him complicated foods, like candied yams. Her defense is, "I did the same with you, and you survived."

Most recently, while she was holding him, she playfully asked if he wanted water. I responded, "Do not give him water, mom." Despite my warning, she proceeded to give it to him, saying, "See, he's fine. He isn't dead."

I immediately took my child from her and informed her that she will no longer be watching the baby alone. I explained that she constantly oversteps my boundaries and does everything I ask her not to do.

Now, she's not talking to me and has accused me of making her feel like a bad parent and grandparent. AITA? Is there something I should be doing to make her talk to me?

Here are some of the top comments:

diminishingpatience says:

NTA (Not the A^#@ole). "I did with you and you survived." This is an incredibly low standard for her to be proud of maintaining.

Austen-aficionado says:

NTA. Your child, your rules/decisions. Full stop. Unless your mother believes you are doing something that is actively harming your baby she should step ALL the way back and respect how you want to raise your son. Offering you a place to stay should have zero bearing on whether or not she follows the guidelines you set up for caring for your child.

The giving-him-water incident is crazy boundary overstepping and a direct power play. You did the right thing. You're a mother now and you are responsible for your son, not for mother.

You clearly need to move out ASAP. It may take longer to save to buy a house but this is not a sustainable solution. She will go behind your back and do whatever she wants with your baby if you stay.

If she comes to you truly penitent at some point you might consider letting her see your baby but I would hesitate myself to leave him alone with her.

Due-Aioli-6641 says:

NTA. But she will not stop doing these things and it will be difficult to avoid them while you still live with her.

Ok-Hovercraft621 says:

NTA you should look for the Reddit post about the mother-in-law who decided that coconut oil on a baby’s head who is allergic to coconut is fine. Not only did mother-in-law put coconut oil on the babies head, she also gave the baby a Benadryl so it would sleep through all the pain.

What do you think? Is OP right to be upset with her mother?

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