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'AITA for telling my parents they're playing favorite by forcing me to include my sister.'

'AITA for telling my parents they're playing favorite by forcing me to include my sister.'


I don't see why my sister always has to be involved but I don't.

CourageObjective1787 writes:

My sister (16f) and I (15f) are only 11 months apart, but we're really different. She was always the prettier, more outgoing, and popular one. Surrounded by friends, she loves all things makeup and fashion. On the other hand, I'm more introverted and shy, never fitting in the way she does.

Though I've always wanted friends, my interests in video games, baking, and reading set me apart. I'm not into beauty stuff like she is, and I rarely wear makeup. Consequently, we've never had much in common.

I've tried to be close to my sister, but it never worked out. We're just too different, and she resented my attempts for us to be closer. Her friends would say mean things about me, like calling me a freak or a weirdo, saying I was lame and dumb.

Sometimes they'd be in our house and kick me out of the basement, which is set up for games and movies. They'd tell me I couldn't hang out with them because they wanted to watch something else.

Despite telling my parents about their behavior, they didn't seem to care. While they claimed they'd address it, nothing changed. My parents let them exclude me or disrupt my activities without consequence.

When I started high school, I finally found a group of friends I fit in with. There are five of us, and we're really close. I even have a boyfriend now. However, my sister resents not being welcome with them because, before I befriended them, she and her friends were awful to them, mocking them for their appearance or quirks.

As a result, none of them like her, except for my boyfriend, who moved to town right before high school and never knew my sister before we became close. Despite my sister's attempts to insert herself when my friends are over, they genuinely like me.

The problem arises with my parents, who aren't okay with my sister being excluded. They insist that if I want to hang out with my friends, she must be allowed to join if she wants. With her friendship group falling apart, she now has more free time and wants to be involved.

I tried to stop inviting my friends over, but my parents imposed a rule that even if they came to our neighborhood, she had to be included. Frustrated, I confronted my parents, expressing my feelings about my sister always being included while I'm left out.

I told them it's clear she's the favorite and that everyone in the family thinks I'm just some freak who should be alone for the rest of my life. My parents were furious. AITA?

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lostalldoubt86 says:

NTA- Your parents are furious because you called them out for favoritism and they SHOULD be embarrassed. The best solution to your problem here is to pretend your sister does not exist. Invite your friends over.

Let her say and do whatever she wants. If she doesn’t exist, you can’t hear her insults. Get your friends in on it as well. Mean girls only have power when you match insults with insults.

This option may get a negative reaction from your parents, so you should let them know ahead of time that you plan to cut your sister out of your life and no amount of punishment will make you change your mind. She no longer exists to you. She can start existing again when your parents deal with her mean girl behavior.

Edit: There was a negative response to telling the parents. Would grey rocking everyone be a better solution? Not necessarily ignoring, but giving minimal responses?

ExplanationUsed2769 says:

NTA. Start calling your parents out in front of people. Talk to you, your uncles, and grandparents on both sides. Let them know how your parents are enabling your sister to be a bully and their behavior.

Maybe the extended family can speak to your parents. But definitely make a stink about it at home when your parents push for inclusion. As you are the quiet one, it's probably easier on them to push you around, you have to change that.

Think of it as a learning experience in standing up for yourself and building self-esteem and self-worth. Don't be surprised If your sis makes a move on the BF.

HappySummerBreeze says"

Stick to your position. As a parent it’s really hard to accept you’re wrong, so keep on. Also remember that parents usually just want peace - so the most troublesome child gets the most. Start being the squeaky wheel!

What do you think? Should OP have called her parents out?

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