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'AITA for calling the cops on my sister for testing if my shellfish allergy was fake.' UPDATED

'AITA for calling the cops on my sister for testing if my shellfish allergy was fake.' UPDATED


"AITA for calling the cops on my sister after she snuck shellfish in my food?"

Rude-Disaster1658 says:

I (21 F) and my sister (23 F) have never had any issues until last week. She and her husband (23 M) had invited me over for lunch, which is normal for us. I have a severe shellfish allergy; even touching it makes me extremely itchy. My sister has been completely aware of this since we were children.

When I got to their house, she said that the food was already finished and in the fridge. She claimed that it was just tuna pasta (yes, I can eat tuna and many other fish, just nothing with a shell). After she finished cleaning up, we had a short conversation about what's been happening in our lives since it had been a while since we'd seen each other.

I got a strange feeling from her but just brushed it off as I was extremely tired that day. She grabbed the food out of the fridge and served it to me, giving me a small bowl "in case I don't like it." I couldn't smell much of it, and from what I could smell, I just assumed it was fish. But when I took a bite, I almost immediately felt my throat burning.

I was coughing and grabbing at my throat, and her husband kept asking me if I was choking. My sister turned to me, panicking and saying, "I thought you were exaggerating!" An ambulance was called, and I was rushed to the hospital. I was thankfully okay, but they made me stay to be monitored for the next two days.

My sister and BIL had tried to visit me, but I told her to get out. She kept apologizing and refusing to leave. I told her that I would be calling the police on her for what she'd done, as it's literally attempted murder, and she lost it.

She kept screaming at me, saying, "I know you're faking this, you always act like you're allergic to shellfish, so I wanted to test you!" I'd been pressing the call button for the nurse, but they heard her regardless and asked me if I wanted them removed. I said yes.

I explained the whole situation to the nurse and the hospital security and eventually decided, with their help, to file a report against her. My mother is saying I'm overreacting and that I should have just cut contact, but I don't know anymore.

Also: When I was a young child, my sister witnessed me have a severe reaction and go to the hospital, where I underwent treatment. She was also there when I was informed I had a shellfish allergy.

You may be wondering why I never had an epipen on me, and that’s because I didn’t feel the need to, as she was my sister. I’m not in America; my country has free healthcare, so I can’t make her pay any medical bills for me. AITA?

OP provided an update a few days later.

Just like to say to all of you who are blaming me for not having an epipen, that makes absolutely zero sense. Not everyone can afford one (even if you have free healthcare because it’s not 100% covered). Not everyone with an allergy carries an epipen. She was my sister; why would I feel the need to bring an epipen to her house for a homemade lunch?

Obviously, now I know to save up for one. Anyway, this morning I went into the police station and, with the help of the nurse who overheard everything, filed a report. I wanted to know what I could do, and they said that they could realistically only give me a temporary protective order while we wait for the court date where the judge will decide what’s best.

Yes, the hospital has cameras, so I’ll ask the hospital if that can be used as evidence in court, or even with the police, as I still need to write a statement. Other than that, I am almost fully recovered and back to work tomorrow. I know it’s a short update, but that’s all I’ve got for you guys. Also, the only reason I’m updating this so soon is that I originally posted this in another sub a few days ago.

Here are some of the top comments:

Crying_rn_pls_help says:

NTA (Not the A%@$ole)! Your sister was very aware of your allergy and has seen how you react. She absolutely intended to harm you!

Anxious_Custard6208 says:

That’s so weird…. Why would she care that much about proving something that quite literally doesn’t affect her life at all. She’s got problems.

Sanityjanity says:

I'm totally making things up here, but I would guess that OP's sister felt that OP had gotten unfair attention or unfair benefits over past incidents. I think it has blown it up in her own head as OP being the better loved child or OP being spoiled or OP being attention seeking.

Lopsided_Put4682 says:

NTA, the thought process of some people. I think my sister might be faking her shellfish allergy. I did see her need to go to the hospital before, but she must have tricked everyone! Sure, I might kill her if I'm wrong, but if I'm right I'll get to be smug and tell her that I wasn't fooled!

Also whatever compassion I had wondering if it was too much to charge your sister for attempted murder (although that's what it was), vanished the moment when you told her you'd be calling the police on you, instead of apologizing profusely, she decided to double down and scream at you, still believing that you were faking it. Do what you have to do OP because you'll never be safe around your sister.

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