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'My wife bought a fancy set of intimates without telling me. AITA for being suspicious?'

'My wife bought a fancy set of intimates without telling me. AITA for being suspicious?'


Communication is key, especially when you're afraid.

"My wife bought a fancy set of l*ngerie a few months ago without telling me. AITA for being slightly suspicious of this?"

My wife (34F) and I (37M) have been married for 6 years and together for 10. We have 2 children, and my wife is a stay at home mom. So a couple of days ago, I was digging around our closet and our wardrobe for my wrist sleeves which I had lost. I really wanted to find these sleeves so I dug the entire place up, and luckily found the sleeves.

However, whilst searching, I also found a hidden set of ling*rie. It was in a plastic cover, it had the box, and uh..the ling*rie. It clearly wasn’t a gift because the box had been opened, and the ling*rie was outside the box. Now my wife has full liberty to purchase whatever she wants, and I usually never track what she purchases.

However, for this particular item, I went through my credit card history to check for when that specific brand name purchase was made, and it was made 5 months ago! AITA for being slightly suspicious of this? Like I love my wife so much, and she loves me too. But clearly, my wife has been wearing this ling*rie for months, and I have never seen her wear it ever. Is this just to feel good about herself?

Do women just buy a fancy set of ling*rie for themselves, and keep it hidden from their husband? What’s the purpose of this? Side note: I didn't spell out ling*rie completely because it seems to be a banned word on this subreddit for some reason. So if you're commenting that word, your comment is probably going to be removed.

Commenters were quick to share their thoughts.

Salt-Coconut7046 wrote:

I’ve done that, thought I would look hot as hell and then it just made me look like a potato so back into the closet it went to rot.

TravelingCatLady45 wrote:

That’s what happens with 90% of mine TBH. I have a collection of stuff that made me embarrassed I bought it. There it sits until I decide to sneak it into the bottom of some trash a few years later.

GothicPyro wrote:

As a married woman in a committed relationship, I have many online outfit purchases that I've made, that don't fit right or might fit better in a few months, that I've stashed away for when it fits or I give up and get rid of it. I wouldn't worry too much. Just ask her about it. Communication is key.

ManicPixieDreamKitty wrote:

Are you sure it has been used? If it’s in the plastic cover, that usually indicates it hasn’t yet. Sometimes I buy things that are aspirational or on sale, but they aren’t what I would typically get myself.

They may sit with tags on for a while because I get pleasure just from owning and looking at it. She may not have gotten the courage to put something on out of the ordinary yet, which is why it’s hidden in the closet. Just ask her about it.

Current-Panic7419 wrote:

This is not at all weird dude. She likely is either

a. Trying to build up the courage to wear it for you.

b. It doesn't fit how she wants it to and either hopes it one day will or can't return it.

C. Keeps putting it on in hopes to wear it for you but you do or say something wrong so she just goes and changes into her PJs and says forget that.

A few days later, OP shared an update.

So a quick update. I was definitely wrong to overreact, and I’m really glad I came on here to get opinions first. So the day after I posted, I casually asked my wife about the ling*rie I found, and she was actually excited about it, and said she had bought three more sets which she had hidden, and she was planning to surprise me on our wedding anniversary, which is in a week.

She said she had brought these sets on Black Friday last year. She was blushing about it, it was hilarious. I know I’m going to catch a lot of flak for this, but I completely forgot that our wedding anniversary was just a week away.

I’ve been extremely busy with work, and I’m not the best at dates. So I’m actually really glad about this divine intervention, because I can now plan a proper wedding anniversary for my wife.

The internet was happy to hear such a wholesome resolution.

HelpfulMaybeMama wrote:

You may want to put a recurring reminder in your calendar for your anniversary as well as a recurring reminder a few weeks prior to.

PolloAzteca_nobeans wrote:

Dude, can you believe that you almost ruined your marriage over you forgetting your own wedding anniversary????

Edit: Stop using my comment to attack men as a gender. Not cool and extremely immature.

Albatross6232 wrote:

Communication for the win!

Also, you have a smartphone. Use the calendar and reminder functions. Put your important dates into it and set alarms. It’s a one time job and not that hard.

dustandchaos wrote:

She’s not gonna blush and think it’s hilarious when she learns what you thought about her.

sharonvd wrote:

I’m happy everything ended up being okay. But “not being good with dates or being busy” are lazy excuses. You have a calendar on your phone and laptop. Just put important days in there with a reminder a month, 2 weeks, a week and a day ahead. It’s not that hard.

Storageno6801 wrote:

Hello??? Lmaooo bro really out here not remembering when his anniversary is???

I’m dead. Impressively stupid. But glad you got your happy ending.

Used-Clothes821 wrote:

Damn. Well you better do something nice FOR HER. She's over here planning for you months in advance while you are thinking the worst of her 🤣

Luckily, this ended as well as it could.

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