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Nanny drops off celebrity employer's kids at important meeting. 'They couldn't breach the contract.' AITA? UPDATED

Nanny drops off celebrity employer's kids at important meeting. 'They couldn't breach the contract.' AITA? UPDATED


"AITA for dropping of my employer's kids at her important meeting?"

I was an aupair before and now I provide nanny services and annual babysitting services (a new contract is signed every year, there are no run on contracts). I have three others working for me, and the occasional teen looking to make some extra cash.

One of my employees was done with a minor celebrity family abroad. This celebrity had recommended her to one of their other celebrity friends. I had a few families that weren't vetted on a list, but because she said she already knew the social circle, she wanted to start immediately due to cash flow and was willing to start before the formalities and paperwork was sorted out.

The contract with base rate, extras and holidays and all were signed and agreed upon before she started. Apart from some minor disagreements, her former celebrity employer was overall a good client. So, I allowed her to start thinking their friend wouldn't be a hassle, without vetting them.

The first week went ok, and I got good feedback from her when I touched base with her. The second week there were some minor disagreements. The third week they didn't serve her food because they felt she was getting paid enough to get her own food.

I contacted them and gave them a warning that they couldn't breach the contract and to reimburse her cost of food. They agreed to it, but the day after my employee contacted me and said they gave her what they thought she should use for food instead of her actual costs and she wanted to quit.

I contacted them again and told them that there would be legal action if they didn't. They did begrudgingly, but left a voicemail wondering why she felt the need to eay papayas and pineapples (even though this is part of the children's diet....

And as per the contract, she would get the same food and other fancy stuff when she couldn't afford it. They also said people like her should stick to what is within the means of their budget.

So I moved her out this placement, and came to an agreement that I would take over her duties until I found them a different one. This is in line with the contract. It's my responsibility if a nanny is sick or otherwise not able to do the job, not the parents.

The children were not the best behaved, but due to their ages, I let it slide. Things got bad for me during the fourth week as it was my weekend off. When I woke up, she had written me a note taped to my bedroom door that she was gone for the weekend and that I should help her out this once as I had given her a faulty nanny to begin with.

This was in line with her character from what I had observed, but I was still shocked that she would pull this after me explaining the contract before taking over. I let it slide, when she returned she came back with her husband. I sat them both down and told them that during my days off which they would be informed about minimum 14 days prior as per contract they had to arrange their own childcare.

In additon I reminded them that as they had now been given two warnings, the third would void the contract, which was in the contract. They tried to raise objections, but I reminded them that I was an employee.

Six weeks from then; which was yesterday; I was supposed to have the weekend off. When I woke up in the morning the house was empty apart from the children, the bearded dragon, the duck, and the other animals. Even the chef wasn't there.

The note she had left stated that she was out entertaining her friends and coworkers at the beach and that she would be back by 2. She said she would really appreciate it if I could do it just once more as it was an important get-together. The children were more or less old enough to take care of themselves so it wasn't a hard job.

2 came and went and no sign of either one of them. By 4, I had left several messages. By 5, their other celebrity friend came by to pick up some of his stuff that he had left behind a few days earlier.

He mentioned a restaurant and handed me a twenty telling me to hang on in there as it was an important appointment. She was trying to get back into being an actress and she needed this. No sooner had he left did I pack up the children and made my way there.

I asked the waitress to guide me to the table as we were doing a surprise and that the children had looked forward to this all week (that was a lie, but I needed to get to her before the waitstaff stopped me). Her children are known in the area so I am glad they let me through.

Then I crashed her "important meeting" with a "surprise" and telling her the contract was voided and to expect a solicitor to contact them. Since last evening, both her and her husband have left....ummm...unsavory messages on my phone. So AITA?

Here's what top commenters had to say about this one:

BigAd8400 said:

NTA. You followed the stipulations of the contract, they did not. Sucks to be them. I'm petty and would have called cps about abandonment, because you're not supposed be there! It's like they borderline held you hostage to their kids. The entitlement is real.

evilcj925 said:

You had a contract, they violated that contract, the contract was thus voided. This is all very legel and upfront and normal for someone who is in the industry. You don't break contracts. You dropping the kids off with her was actually doing her a favor. The alternative was calling the police and letting child services take the kids, as you were no longer their employee, and no longer responable for the kids. NTA.

abgry_krakow87 said:

Definitely NTA. You ad your staff were professional in every sense of the established contract. It's good you have everything in writing in this regard for exactly situations like this. Struggling actress over there be treating ya'll like slaves and expecting to walk over you like a doormat.

She has left you both in a number of awkward and unexpected situations with the expectation to figure it out, you merely returned the favor. I hope she takes some humility out of this experience.

Knittingfairy09113 said:

NTA. They would never stop pushing boundaries and breaking the rules as they're entitled AH. Good for you on pushing back.

KetoLurkerHere said:

NTA. And I LOVE that your contracts are this tight and that you stick up for your own employees, too. Brava!

watercoolermeetings said:

NTA, they clearly don’t understand the basics of employment law and that they absolutely cannot disregard your legal rights like this. They can’t just abandon their children with you because on other days you’re paid to care for them.

Which-Month-3907 said:

NTA. These people are worse than the normal, faceless evil you see in the corporate world. They are people who can look their employees in the eye while literally stealing food out of their mouth. How much do you have to hate your children to force a starving person to care for them?

sherrytomatoe said:

NTA but now I'm sifting through all the celebrity couples with bearded dragons. I need this tea piping hot.


My solicitor contacted them regarding the pay, involuntary overtime and a deadline to pay it in full or there would be fines for missed deadline of payment.

They tried to stall, and wanted me to delete the voicemails, texts and emails before paying thinking they had the upper hand. My solicitor said they couldn't force me to delete or keep anything I had received.

I sent them a clip of one of the messages that leaves no room for speculation that it might be someone else. In reply they offered to pay more by not releasing the stuff publicly as she said it would damage her and especially his reputation.

We came to an agreement that in addition to writing an apology letter to my nanny that had to leave, and compensating her for the distress they put her through, and compensating me financially I wouldn't release the material publicly. It's the best way to put this mess behind us.

I will also vet ALL my clients in the future despite where the refferal comes from to avoid a repeat of this. I may have spread it aroind that this family may be a little difficult to work for, so they are going to pay more than what is industry standard in the future....

Here's what top commenters had to say after the update:

EdgeMiserable4381 said:

Thank you for keeping them accountable. If more people would stand up to bullying of all kinds, they'd start to knock it off. Kudos for that and looking out for your staff!

EconomicsWorking6508 said:

Wonderful outcome! Well done and you kept things professional.

FitAppeal5693 said:

Way to go. Not only did you protect your employee but you stood firm. Must not have been easy.

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