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New mom breastfeeds in front of husband's friends on video game night, 'he told me to stop.' AITA?

New mom breastfeeds in front of husband's friends on video game night, 'he told me to stop.' AITA?


"AITA for telling my husband to shut the f up when he told me to stop breastfeeding?"

I (25F) and my husband (26M) had our baby 5 months ago. We both live together. I’ve also been exclusively breastfeeding- which has been tough, not going to lie. I have breastfed in public, but I never do it openly. I openly breastfeed in my own home.

We haven’t had anyone over since we brought our baby home. My husband brought up the idea of his friends coming over again on the weekend like he did before. I get along with his friends and he brought them over every other Saturday or Sunday so I didn’t have a problem with this.

Last Sunday his friends came over, and they were playing video games. I usually just hang out on the couch while they do their thing or just hang out in the bedroom. I hung out in the bedroom breastfeeding my baby and I got hungry so I went into the kitchen to get something. You can see into the kitchen from the living room, but I didn’t think it would be a big deal since I was literally just feeding our baby.

My husband and his friends noticed me but his friends just looked over and just continued what they were doing and my husband looked pissed and he came into the kitchen and whispered to me to please don’t breastfeed right now right here. I told him I was hungry and this is our home and I don’t need to cover up. He kept pleading with me to just go back upstairs.

I told him to shut the f-ck up. He got pissed off, and told me doing that around his friends is weird. His friends obviously heard this and they were all awkwardly listening. I was so pissed off and upset I just went back into the room and just waited for everyone to go home.

My husband has been pissed off since this, and he told me he will probably not bring them back here again if I’m going to do that and that I made his friends feel uncomfortable. I don’t know if what I did really was weird or not but I didn’t have a wrong intention? I’m just breastfeeding. AITA?

Here's what top commenters had to say about this one:

TootsNYC said:

His friends didn’t seem to care until he made a thing about it.

nemainev said:

Big time NTA. Not only you need to breastfeed your f$cking 5mo kid, but you yourself also need to eat to keep the engine running. You're eating for two, now. Your boyfriend is being a b$tch.

JarethsBuldge said:

NTA. Tell him and his worthless nipples to shove off.

CrystalQueen3000 said:

NTA. You’re feeding your kid in your own home, he’s the one being an ahole about it.

No-Personality5421 said:

Nta. I mean, if he's uncomfortable, then he can just not invite his friends over until your child is past breastfeeding. Would he prefer that you starve your child?

NotOneOfUrLilFriends said:

NTA. I’ve breastfed three kids openly around everyone under the sun—my dad, my husband’s friends, my brother, my father in law, my husbands sisters boyfriend, my sisters boyfriends, my male coworkers (I was pumping actually), the pastor of our church….No one has ever so much as looked at me too long, they know what I’m doing and it’s not a big deal. Your husband is weird.

Just4TheSpamAndEggs said:

NTA. Your child, your house, your hunger. Unless you were just walking around totally topless or something. It isn't like you walked in the room and yelled, "look at how huge my tits are from breastfeeding!" You walked into a not occupied portion of the house to get something to eat, you know, like people do in their own homes when they are hungry. If it bothered him that much he could have talked to you about it later instead of making a scene.

MercifulOtter said:

NTA. You're feeding a baby, which as all science points to is very important. Instead of getting mad at you, he should be getting mad at friends who find it weird.

Everyone was on OP's side for this one. What's your advice for this couple?

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