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New mom kicks baby's father out of the hospital room, 'put the TV away or leave.' AITA?

New mom kicks baby's father out of the hospital room, 'put the TV away or leave.' AITA?


"AITA for kicking my baby’s father out of the hospital room?"

I (19F) just had a baby 1 day ago. His father (21M) and I have not been together since November due to him cheating. He’s had a couple other girlfriends since then and is still with one of them currently, but he still did go to most of my appointments with me.

2 days ago when I went into labor I called him, he came to pick me up to bring me to the hospital and he had his entire TV and playstation in the backseat, with no car seat for the baby.

I told him he is not bringing that to the hospital and he told me if I want him to be there for our son’s birth he needs something to do to pass the time. We argued about it almost the entire ride to the hospital, but he ended up not bringing it in.

I was only in labor for about 2 hours before I gave birth, he was there the entire time. A couple hours after I gave birth, my dad and sister came to visit and he left as the hospital has a 2 visitor only rule.

I told him while they’re here visiting for him to go bring his TV back home and install the car seat so when they discharge us we will be all set. After a few hours my family leaves, and I text him to tell him he is welcome to come back if he would like.

Around 20 minutes later he’s walking back into my room, carrying his TV. We start arguing about how I already told him he is not having that in my room and he starts yelling at me saying that I don’t make the rules and that I should be grateful that he wants to be there for our son but instead I’m trying to make him miserable.

I told him he can either bring the TV back to his car or he can leave, he said he has a right to spend time with his son. I called my nurse into the room and told her I want him to leave, so they ended up kicking him out. He yelled at me the entire time he was leaving saying that I’m kicking him out of his son’s life and that he will be going to court for custody.

He has texted me since saying that I’m taking his rights away from him and there are no rules that he couldn’t bring his own TV and game system while he spends time at the hospital. AITA for making him choose between the TV or leaving?

Here's what top commenters had to say about this one:

vt2022cam said:

NTA - I am without words to describe his immaturity. Bringing his video game set up into the recovery room is beyond stupidity and you were right to throw him out. He’s selfish and honestly, just tag him for child support and supervised visits only.

IrrelevantManatee said:

NTA. YOU are the patient here, you get to choose who can be in your room or not. He doesn't get to make it cozy for him and bring entertainment : his hobby right now is taking car of his newborn.

daniell321 said:

The fact he still brought in his TV and PlayStation and tried to make it about himself and his video games after you said no is enough evidence that this is NOT someone you want in your child's life. NTA.

Swirlyflurry said:

NTA. That’s your hospital room for you to recover from the birth. It’s not his hang-out space. No one should be in there that isn’t helping you relax and recover.

weddingwoes13 said:

NTA. He can’t respect your requests after giving birth to his child. Also I would be concerned if he thinks spending time with his kid is playing on a gaming system.

the-satanica said:

NTA. Here's a fun short story for you. I went to a friends birth, she wanted me to film it for herself and her family. The babys father sat in the chair THE WHOLE TIME back towards her playing video games. I was very pissed at him, I still find it disgusting and immature, he was in his 30's. Do not let him in that childs life, he is not mature enough for it.

Everyone was on OP's side for this one. What's your advice for these new parents?

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