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'I was pulled over for running a yellow light. Got locked up for a mysterious record on my license.' UPDATED 2X

'I was pulled over for running a yellow light. Got locked up for a mysterious record on my license.' UPDATED 2X


The internet is not just good for passing judgment on relationships and arguments, it can also be a place to bring a pressing question or mystery.

In a popular Reddit post, the OP asked the internet to help them get to the bottom of their time locked up. They wrote:

"No one knows why my license is suspended."

I was pulled over in this morning for running a yellow light (I was ticketed for speeding) and then arr*sted for a suspended license. Only issue is, no one knows why my license is suspended. PD towed my vehicle and took me to jail. Requirements to be released were to pay the two tickets I was JUST given upon my arrest, 1 for driving under suspension and two for speeding.

Paid and done. They gave me back my driver's license...stating I would need it to get my car out of impound. Even though it's "suspended?" I was confused but didn't question. After getting my car I called the DMV where they informed me, my license is in fact suspended but they're not sure why. It was suspended effective 02/14/2024. Six days ago?!

They stated I have no unpaid tickets, no warrants, no nothing that would cause my license to be suspended. And I have to wait until March 15th and pay $50 to have it reinstated?? So $1,200 and 5 hours later, I have a m*gshot, a suspended license and absolutely no idea wtf is going on. Any ideas on how to find out what the actual F happened?? I have zero criminal record BTW.

People had a lot of comments and questions to add.

algochef wrote:

If you lost your auto insurance for some reason, perhaps due to non payment, some states like Florida will auto suspend your license.

OP responded:

I called my insurance company and they verified there has been no lapse in coverage.

Metriner wrote:

Or did you change insurance companies or coverage? Sometimes when you make changes to your insurance the DMV only notices what was canceled and not what was added on the same date.

OP responded:

That's what caught me off guard, there has been no change in anything or anything happening in at least 3 years.

SirTrentHowell wrote:

Do you have a common name and maybe they looked up the wrong person?

OP responded:

They verified the suspension with my ss#

RiotGrrrl585 wrote:

Did you have any previous violations that would give you points on your license?

OP responded:

The only violations were the ones written this morning when they arrested me.

Thundarz1 wrote:

Put a freeze on your credit you may be having your identity stolen.

OP responded:

I'll look into that.

Northwest_Radio wrote:

Do you owe Child Support anywhere? If there are arrears, license suspension is common. Including drivers, hunting/fishing, business, etc.

OP responded:

I do not.

seraphim336176 wrote:

Had this happen to me only in Florida only I had been auto paying my insurance the whole time and my insurance made a clerical error and reported one of my vehicles didn’t have insurance. WHOOPSIES!

It’s absurd for something so serious that can get you arr*sted there’s no safeguards anywhere to clue the person in who’s going to have to go through the ordeal. Like a simple robocall saying my license is suspended or going to be suspended soon could have cleared this all up before there was even a problem.

OP responded:

That's what I'm most upset about. I drive for a living so had I been informed of any problem with my license, I would have immediately resolved it. I could lose my job now because my license is suspended until March 15th.

OP added an update in the comments.

.I'll look into a lawyer. I've had my social stolen twice as a kid from my mom using it for various reasons, so I wouldn't be surprised if it's something along those lines.

The next day, OP jumped on with a major update.

Small but equally insane update, I was able to get a copy of my driving record which shows ELEVEN points on my record. In my state if you accumulate 10 or points in a 5 year span, they suspend your license. There are 4 tickets total within the last 5 years, 2 I know of from several years ago that have been paid and done with. The other 2, about a year apart from each other, are not mine.

One is from a neighboring state I've never been to, the other in my home state but both are vehicles I have never owned and both have different names. But both have my tag number. The same tag I have had on my vehicle for almost 10 years. So I get human error and all but I went to J@IIILLL over this.

My car was impounded, I have kids that needed to get to school, a job I needed to get to and because of someone's small mistake I went to J@IIILLL. I cannot express how livid I am about finding this out. I figured it was something insane but the fact that I was arr*sted and everything else that has ensued, I'm just shook.

I'm still waiting on contact from an attorney to see how this will all play out and I will update once I have more information. I appreciate everyone's comments and help in trying to figure this out!

Commenters had theories.

Hippy_Lynne wrote:

I have to wonder if it's someone from the neighboring state with your license plate number but a different state. And then either the c*p who wrote the ticket or whoever entered it in the system didn't note that the plate was from the other state. Or maybe they converted their systems and the data input got it wrong? That is a really screwed up mistake to make, especially twice.

I'm not sure how you're handling it but it might be the kind of situation where you reach out to your local or state representative. They can help cut through red tape, especially since it will involve two states. They're obviously not going to help you sue but they should be able to get it straight and get your car back quickly. I wish you the best. I would be furious.

OP responded:

Something I will be looking into once retaining an attorney. I want to make sure I go about it the right way.

smhalb01 wrote:

You need to find out if these tickets are generated from a traffic camera like running a red light. Also see if they could be parking tickets. A traffic camera could be incorrect or someone could be using a copy of your license plate, just a print would be enough to get a ticket.

The ticket automatically goes to you in most cases, might be worth a talk with your local court house in the county you received the tickets. You should be able to get a record of the whole thing. Here in Kentucky I can look it up online even.

OP responded:

They were both speeding and I'm waiting on call backs from both counties on more detail.

IGotNuthun wrote:

Am I mistaken or are you about to claim a good sized settlement?

OP responded:

I think it'll depend on what I can prove. The arresting agency is going to say they had no way of knowing it was bogus and I'm sure the other counties will claim clerical error if it was them.

If it was an individual being fraudulent I might be able to make some type of p*lice report for falsifying their tag or something but I doubt it'll result in any kind of monetary gain for me ☹️ I'll probably be able to clear my name but I feel like I'll get a big "womp womp" in the end.

LuxNocte wrote:

"Am I mistaken or are you about to claim a good sized settlement?"

I want to write on some peoples' foreheads with a sharpie "Being wronged is not a ticket to a payday". This is mainly propaganda from corporations on their quest to make it harder for us to get anything when we're wronged.

I hope OP gets their impound fees back. Not optimistic, but we can hope. If Fortune is smiling absolutely giddy, they might get a few bucks, but nothing worth the trouble and stress.

Ok_Advantage7623 wrote:

You have been screwed by a friend or a relative who used your information to not have to be responsible for it. Got a brother a bit younger who can’t look you straight in the eye?

OP responded:

Not that I know of. I have big family but don't have contact with the majority. And most are pretty well off anyways so I wouldn't see the need to mess with someone like me.

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