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'AITA for not giving my parents the baby blanket my great grandma made so they can use it for my sister?'

'AITA for not giving my parents the baby blanket my great grandma made so they can use it for my sister?'


"AITA for not giving my parents the baby blanket my great grandma made for me so they can use it for my baby sister?"

My great grandma made a baby blanket for me when my mom was pregnant. She did that for all her kids, grandkids and then great-grandkids. I was the youngest until now. Great grandma would make it clear to the parents involved that the baby she made the blankets for should be considered the owners and it shouldn't be something they kept from us.

So this is what always happened. I always had mine. My parents did try to take it from me a few times but great grandma stepped in each and every time. I loved mine because she had started experimenting with her knitting and my blanket is more unique than the rest and feels just a little more personal.

I treasure it despite being a 17 year old guy. I treasure it more because great grandma died when I was 10 and I miss her like crazy. So my parents couldn't have more kids for years. They tried for years and even did IVF when I was 7 but didn't have another kid from it. Their focus being so set on that, I always felt like I wasn't good enough.

This is something extended family brought to their attention a few times. It was comments like "I just want a baby so bad, I can't imagine my life without a child" from my mom and comments from my dad like "we feel so incomplete without a baby" that would get family members to take notice.

Those were some of the kinds of comments that left me feeling as I do. It was never "another baby" it was always "a baby" like I was invisible. They talked about having a baby being their biggest dream. It stung so much to have their life focus around that and they'd get so depressed about not having a baby.

Great grandma, before she died, told them to be thankful for "the blessing" (aka me) and how they already had a baby and they were letting me grow up without them. It didn't change anything. And I did basically grow up without my parents. They have no idea who my friends are or what's going on in my life.

This was a surprise pregnancy and my parents are so excited. They did all the early tests to find out they're having a girl and they started shopping and all kinds of stuff for her. But then my mom got sad because great grandma isn't around to knit her a blanket too. So they told me they wanted mine. They didn't ask.

They told me. And when I said no they grew angry. They said she deserves to have a blanket from great grandma and their baby needs one. I asked what I was and they said "an almost grown man." I left the blanket with my best friend because I was afraid my parents would search the house to find it.

They were so pissed and they started doing the guilt trips saying my baby sister deserves better and how can I look at myself in the mirror knowing I don't want to share this with her. They told me it's like I don't even want her to exist or I hate her for something and she's not even born yet. AITA?

Here's what top commenters had to say about this one:

Suspicious-8388 said:

NTA The blanket is yours. It was smart of you to give it to a friend for now!! Don't give it up, it is heartwarming it means so much to you!

Mimmutti_ said:

NTA, your parents comments are so weird. But out of interest, you said she made blanket for all the kids, grandkids, etc., so basically your parents have their own blanket to give to the baby.

Yikes44 said:

NTA. Your wonderful Great Grandma was very specific that it was yours not theirs. Also your baby sister will never have met her so it won't mean anything to her anyway. What your parents need to do is to make their own (knit, quilt or whatever) and keep the tradition going that way.

I had a patchwork baby quilt that was made up of beautiful fabric scraps from clothes my grandmother had made (she did a lot of dressmaking and kept the scraps). As I got older I started to recognize them in the clothes she wore, which was lovely.

PoppyStaff said:

NTA. If they keep asking, every time they ask, tell your mother to give the baby her blanket. Every time.

dragon34 said:

Nta. Why does the baby need a blanket made by someone she will never know?

Perfect-Map-8979 said:

NTA. They were so upset about not having a kid when they had you??? And then you’re supposed to give up a gift from your great-grandma for their better kid? Your parents are horrible. I’m glad you hid the blanket from them.

Everyone was on OP's side for this one. What's your advice for this

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