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Woman evicts roommate after learning she has been hiding pregnancy for almost 9 months. AITA?

Woman evicts roommate after learning she has been hiding pregnancy for almost 9 months. AITA?


"AITA for giving my best friend/roommate 1 month to pack and leave after she told me she is due in a week?"


I (30f) have been living with my best friend (30f) since 2020. I own the house, and knowing she was going through a tough time I opened my doors to her. She shared that she has kleptomanic tendencies. I appreciated being told.

A few months later I noticed some of my things had gone missing. I confronted her, she denied and blamed the other roomate we had. The third roomate left my things continued to go missing.

After a trip to another country she announced that she was pregnant. The announcement came just as I had a termination. I wanted to be happy for her, but the trauma and grief of my own situation kept me from being the friend that she needed me to be. As a gesture of kindness, I offered her the spare bedroom to host her baby rent free.

My bestie's baby is born and its a personal hell for me. Every time her baby cried it haunted me and reminded me of my own decisions. We had spoken about her moving out and she said around the time her baby turned 1 she would leave.

I figured part of it was post partum, but my bestie stayed in her bedroom with the baby for about 8 months. I confronted her about this, thats when she drops that CPS is involved because the house is disgusting and smells like cat pee. I lost it, full anxiety attack while cleaning the house.

A few months go by. My things are still going missing, and money as well. No update from CPS. She is on the social housing list at this point, still in her bedroom with the baby. Im getting ready to confront her again about being in the room all the time, when she drops a last minute trip out of country.

She informed me once she got back from her trip that CPS threatened to take her baby because the house has not improved. At this point I'm wary, there hasn't been any written evidence of CPS being involved.

I called them directly to see if I had any rights to be informed. CPS stated that they could not share anything due to confidentiality. I had a firm talk with my bestie. If CPS is telling her that it is an unfit environment for a child, then she needs to leave.

She assured me that it would be fine until social housing finds her a new place to live. It is now 4 days shy of her child being born. Shy of a full year I've been silently tormented by living with a baby. My things and money still missing. I can feel myself at the end of my rope.

We get into an argument about the garbage and the dishes. I tell her, "the simplest solution is for you to leave." She says, "is this really worth losing our friendship over?" I explain that I need to have the physical space around me to heal and be by myself.

The conversation simmers down. I direct my attention to the baby daddy who is staying for 3 weeks with us, and ask him to address a comment he made about a new born. She looks at him, then looks at me.

She stands and lifts her shirt showing a very pregnant belly, "I'm due next week." I cried, and gave her the reaction a friend would want. Genuinely I felt joy for her. Then it hit me, there's going to be another baby in the house.

I'm mentally not strong enough for that again. She also hid the entire pregnancy from me, while living together! She said she couldn't tell me because every time we had a moment to talk it ended up being about my grief.

I sat her down yesterday with our tenancy agreement. I emphasized that we are on month to month and I will not be renewing the agreement. She looked at me with a blank reaction and agreed. No tears, no asking why, just acceptance.

Even though I finally had evidence that someone else is taking my things, I didn't confront her about it. At this point, I'm willing to take the loss. I never wanted to be that AH that kicks out a mother with her newborn, but I cannot take it any more. In trying to preserve me sanity, AITA?

Here were the top rated comments from readers in response to the OP's post:

YTA to yourself for living like this for a year. Learn to put yourself and your mental health first and say no.

You are being taken advantaged of. Put a stop to it.

Start the formal eviction process, she won’t leave quickly or quietly.

The OP responded here:

I'm really hoping it doesn't go there, but I have a feeling it will. She has until July 1st to m ove out, then ill have to get the landlord tenant board involved.

Kick baby daddy out now. Before he has tenant rights

Tell her she needs to go. You may need to evict.

Get a safe for your valuables!


NTA. She needed to go long ago. If it's her child in jeopardy from CPS, she needs to leave; my guess is since it's not her house and the alleged reason for CPS is it's not clean enough, CPS would've found her emergency housing because her child was unsafe.

She's trying to manipulate you. Lock up your money and weed; you should've locked it up when she moved in. A better reason for CPS is she's using drugs while pregnant. Don't let her return after giving birth. Make sure someone else cares for her child at another location. Tell her you'll call CPS yourself if she abandons her child with you.

Your friend is not really a friend. Sounds like a nightmare.

So, what do you think about this one? If you could give the OP any advice here, what would you tell them?

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