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Parents at bar tell strangers to 'tone it down' on loud swearing, complain to manager. AITA?

Parents at bar tell strangers to 'tone it down' on loud swearing, complain to manager. AITA?


"AWTAHs for telling people who had their kids in a bar to go elsewhere if we were loud & swearing?"

So my wife & I had a day out with some friends, and ended up throwing some darts in a bar, around 6:00 pm. They do serve the norm bar fair, fries, wings, etc… Here the law is you can have kids in a bar that serves food till 10:00 pm.

So a couple walks in after we’d been there for about 45 minutes or so, and have their two kids with them (probably both under 8). They order food & are goofing around on the pool table with them. So far so good.

Well we’re having a great time & yes, we’re loud & swearing here & there (it’s a bar). That’s when I caught a few dirty looks from the wife. I just ignored it & kept having fun. Suddenly the wife comes over & cops an attitude with us, saying we’re too loud & her kids can hear us swearing, and tells us we should “tone it down” because there’s children present. So my response was “uhhhhh okaaaay…I mean, we’re in a bar…”.

My wife & two other friends come over & ask if everything is ok, and the lady repeats it to them as well, saying how we’re being obnoxious. So we tell her that we’re in a BAR, they chose to bring children into a place they KNEW was a bar, and if they didn’t want the kids to be around some drunk people who were swearing & being kinda loud, then don’t bring children to a freaking bar.

We go back to our game of 301. Her & her husband then give us dirty looks & end up leaving, while telling the manager that WE were the reason he lost their business. He never said anything to us though. We’re we too AH-ish?

Here's what the top commenters had to say here:

Uppity-Eldian said:

NTA + bringing your kid to a bar and then complaining about the ambience is category 5 idiocy. In fact to be so brain dead to bring a child to a BAR, is about as dumb as the dad who had the kids in the car while he went into the strip club.

Far_Administration41 said:

NTA. It’s a bar. If it were a church picnic, whole other story.

Madame_Kitsune98 said:

NTA. It’s a god damn bar. Children do not belong in bars. If the place doesn’t have high chairs, a kiddie menu, and crayons? It’s not a place to bring your kids. Contrary to what everyone else thinks, no, the world does not exist to love your kids. You fulfill that role. You don’t get to bitch that the entire world isn’t kid-friendly. It’s not supposed to be. So no. NTA.

TelevisionBeautiful6 said:

NTA- Had this happen to us at a Hooters late on a weeknight. We just laughed at them.

TheFoxRuntOfficial said:

NTA. It's bad parenting to take your small children to a BAR. If you don't want your kids hearing loud drunk people swearing, then don't take them to a place where there are loud drunk people swearing. It's very simple.

Finest30 said:

NTA. Y’all were in a freaking bar!

Cannabis_CatSlave said:

NTA. People who bring kids into an adult space can STFU about little ears hearing things they don't want them to IMO.

BlueGreen_1956 said:

NTA. The sense of entitlement these days is off the charts. Point her to Chuck E Cheese next time.

Everyone here was on OP's side. What's your advice here?

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