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'AITA for not wanting to meet my long distance girlfriend with my parents.'

'AITA for not wanting to meet my long distance girlfriend with my parents.'


"AITA for not wanting to meet my long distance girlfriend with my parents"


I’m 17M, she is 16F, we met online in June of 2023, and we got together in September, our 6 months is today. We both live in the same state, but she lives 2 and a half hours away from me.

I hate it, I wish I could meet her, it’s truly all I want in my life right now. She is the only person in my life who makes me happy and without her I would probably be miserable. I have always been private, and I don’t like talking to my parents about anything personal in my life, so I don’t talk with them about my relationships often.

I’ve asked on a few occasions if I could go drive out and meet her, the other day I asked my dad if he could talk to my mom about letting me go. I know exactly what will happen, they will both probably say no.

I asked my dad this because a while back he said that he would let me go but mom has to be on board with it, but my dad likes to switch up train of thought and decisions all the time.

My mom always says no, she hates the idea of me being a measly 2 hours away from home I guess. She said that she could take me to go see her but I don’t want that. I don’t know why, maybe it’s an ego thing, but I hate the idea of my mom taking me out there.

I’m a 17 year old, and I have proved on many different occasions that I am perfectly capable for my age. I make straight As, I work a job, about everything I own is paid for by me, I prove to them all the time that I am responsible and capable of handling things on my own, but they won’t let me drive a few hours from home.

I get that I am still a minor, and vulnerable to the world. But it never feels fair that I can’t drive far away when other kids my age do that all the time. For Christ sake my dad went to Florida by himself when he was my age.

My parents don’t want me to date without them knowing the parents and girl I am dating, and I can get that when it comes to safety, but that isn’t why my parents are doing it, they just don’t trust me.

They think I’m gonna go over there and immediately go to pound town, they think that I will just end up like they did when they were young(drug addicted and teen parents).

I never do anything bad, I never ask anything of them, and I have proved to them I am a perfectly capable son, but they still believe I need mommy to accompany me on my visit to my girlfriend of 6 months.

So I guess what I am asking here is am I in the wrong for not wanting to meet her with my mom?

Does this sound like some stupid teenage ego?

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YTA. You've never met? Absolutely take someone with you. This is definitely a situation where age and maturity be damned, you need a wingperson if you're driving 2.5hrs to meeting your girlfriend - or "girlfriend" - for the first time.


NTA OP. You are almost a legal adult and if you are a responsible 17 year old as what you wrote makes you seem to be, then I don't see the reason why your parents won't let you. I've notice that a lot of parents who lived the wild life in their teens seem to project how they think their teenage child/ren would be exactly as they were.

You my friend are stuck between a rock and a hard place. I just don't see them changing their stance even when you turn 18 if you are still living with them and dependent upon them.

But once you are 18, you have the right to visit whom you want as long as you have your own transportation and don't have to rely on either of their vehicles and if you respect their house such as not coming home after 1 or 2 am. Be prepared for dealing with any fallouts. I say start saving as much as you can, just in case.


Nah. Your not wrong to want to be independent and your parents aren't wrong for wanting to protect you. Your not just traveling far by yourself as a new driver, it's also to meet a stranger even if you have talked online/phone. Wanting to be independent doesn't mean it's going to happen. Id talk to them about driving up there with you but also giving you space.

Like meet with the girl in a coffee shop, mom can drop you off but you would prefer she doesn't come in the shop. If things go well, invite your mom to meet her. She will be more likely to allow solo trips in future if she does meet her.


Youre a minor living in their home and want to travel 2.5 hours (where will you stay) with someone you havent met irl and they havent met. Smh children.


It's hard to put a judgment on this since what you are feeling is entirely appropriate. You are NTA for not wanting your parents to be there. At the same time, as a the parent of multiple teens, I would suggest that this has nothing to do with your parents not trusting you.

i think they don't trust the entire situation - meeting someone for the first time that you have never met in person? - that's a big concern - do they think you are getting catfished? i think your parents are exercising good judgement here. is there room for some kind of compromise?

So, what do you think? Is there a compromise here or are the OP's parents in the right? If you could give the OP any advice, what would you say?

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