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Parents want to change childrens' names to be more 'professional', kids say no.

Parents want to change childrens' names to be more 'professional', kids say no.


I think my parents should respect that I like the name they gave me even though they hate it.

Crazy-Sorbet4641 writes:

My parents regret what they named my brother and me. I'm not sure when it happened exactly, but in the last couple of years, they attempted to use our middle names instead of our first names, which we stopped.

My older brother is Ashton George, and I'm Caden Philip. So my parents tried to call us George and Philip/Phil. My brother told them never to call him George, and I told them I wouldn't say I liked the name Philip and didn't want to use it or have people know my middle name.

My brother left for college last year, and at the time, I knew they were talking to him about something, but I had no idea what. Now I do. My parents approached me Saturday about the upcoming school year and the fact it's my last year of high school and said they wanted to legally change my name to 'Philip' and give me a new middle name that would be more professional and adult sounding.

I asked them what made them think I wanted that, given I had already told them not to call me that. They said they'd tried to appeal to my brother before he left for college, but he refused to entertain the idea. So they wanted to start earlier with me.

They said they have huge regrets about our names, especially mine, as it's trendy and unprofessional. I told them I liked my name and to let it go because I am Caden, whether they liked the fact or not.

My grandparents (dad's parents) were also invited to interfere. They never liked our names and are absolutely on board the 'he needs an old a%# name to get somewhere in life.

I was told to think about my future and how it will look when I try to find a job with the name 'Caden' or how much easier I will find it to be taken seriously with a classic or old-fashioned name like Philip over something trendy and bad like Caden.

I learned that my parents could not legally change my name at this age without my consent, which is why they are pushing this so hard. Upon hearing this, I told them I would not discuss it with them anymore, and I refused to change my name. My parents and grandparents all think I'm being unreasonable, and they say I should listen to their reasoning more and think about it.

I feel like this is SO dumb. I talked to my brother, and he said he still gets a comment here and there about his name. He lets it roll off his back. AITA?'

Here are some of the top comments from the post:

Objective_Coffee_754 says:

This is so ludicrous. Literally half of the teenaged boys I know are named Caden or something very similar.

By the time you're actually looking for a job, it will be basically impossible for any company to NOT hire at least five Cadens. The idea that such a hugely popular name will still seem notably unprofessional in the future falls apart completely if you think about it for even a second.

A few years ago, I hired an Ashton and an Ashtyn in the same week. No one cares about this. NTA (Not the A#%hole). Even if their premise wasn't completely ridiculous, still NTA. It's your name. You shouldn't be forced to change it if you don't want to.

Complex_Chapter7262 says:

NTA, this is so weird. There's nothing wrong with either of your names, I don't get their concerns. If your name was R2D2 and your brother was C3PO, then sure?

CuriousTsukihime says:

NTA - 'I want this to be the last time we talk about this: I don’t care if you don’t like my name. It’s MY name. I want to live with it, so I will not change it. If you continue to push me, our relationship will not end well. So ask yourself if this fight is really worth it.

You do not get to disregard my feelings for your vanity, and you do not get to manipulate me for your peace of mind. This is my name, and my name is no longer your concern. The answer is no.'

Drop that hammer on your family, and then hold your ground. If your parents bring it up, stare right through them and then ignore the f%ck out of them until they get the hint. This is absolutely bullshit, and they can stroke their audacity elsewhere. I'm proud of you for standing up for yourself.

What do you think should OP be 'Caden' or 'Philip'?

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