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Person encounters old high school bullies in gym, and gets them banned for homophobia.

Person encounters old high school bullies in gym, and gets them banned for homophobia.


As you get older, you can avoid your old high school bullies. People move away; you go to different colleges or avoid them. Regardless of the reasoning, bullies should (they may never) realize that being a bully is embarrassing and not something that should continue into their adulthood. Unfortunately, many people can't let go of high school, which is their peak.

On a popular Reddit thread in the Am I the A**hole Subreddit, a person encounters their high school bullies in the wild, and they deal with them with real-world consequences.

They write:

I just started going to the gym, and I’m trying to make it a routine. I go at 2 AM so I don’t have to see anyone and feel embarrassed (I still do). Well, a couple of days ago, three girls I used to go to high school with were laughing when I walked in and making judgmental faces.

I was contemplating leaving, but I’m trying to go every other day, and I would feel like a failure if I let them ruin my day like that. So I stayed and did my workout, but I should’ve left retrospectively.

About 15 minutes into my workout, I got an airdrop from one of the girls, but I declined it. Then her friend sent one, and when I accepted it, it was a screenshot from the notes app saying, 'F*ggot leave.'

I am gay, and everyone knows despite me not coming out. Anyway, I saved it and showed the worker, and they just told me they would deal with it.

Today I got a text message from the girl saying I’m a snitch, and I got her banned from the gym. I keep getting unknown calls too, and I think it’s them. I told my friends, and they told me I should’ve left without snitching.

I don’t feel accepted in the gym, and I’m canceling my membership. I feel horrible for getting them banned now, and people are telling me I shouldn’t have reported it, AITA?

The internet hates bullies.

Wickedlove7 says:

NTA (Not the A**hole). Nope. You told an employee someone was sending homophobic slurs to you. They dealt with it as they saw fit.

The girls and your friends are in the wrong. You have every right to feel safe at the gym. They made it unsafe and got banned. That's a them problem, not a you problem.

Boss_Bch_Werk says:

NTA. It’s also not snitching. I hate that term. It’s you calling out their disgusting and toxic behavior. Your friends telling you to keep quiet is not helping. The girls were being AHs, and I’m glad you reported it.

If anything, you should be glad she got herself banned for her behavior, and at least you know the gym will back you up and try to make it comfortable for you to work out. Don’t cancel the membership.

If your friends don’t understand the hurtful behavior, reevaluate those friendships too. Your feelings are COMPLETELY VALID and understandable.

Castle_of_Aaaaaaargh says:

NTA. 'Snitching' is high school language for holding people accountable for their actions. You didn't snitch. You made these adults face adult consequences for their disgusting behavior. Laugh at their petty stupidity and go enjoy your 2 AM workouts in peace, friend.

Snitching in this case is totally acceptable, OP, don't let those bullies gaslight you.

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