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Man asks if he's wrong to switch seats on plane because GF was 'annoying.'

Man asks if he's wrong to switch seats on plane because GF was 'annoying.'


Flying is hard, but is it ever okay to abandon who you are sitting with? When this man is conflicted about moving away from his girlfriend on a plane, he asks Reddit:

'AITA for switching seats on the plane because my girlfriend wasn't letting me sleep?'

We were going home after visiting my (25m) girlfriend’s (24f) parents. My girlfriend fought with her mom before leaving and wouldn’t stop complaining about her on the plane.

I was trying my best to get some sleep as I had work in the morning but couldn’t with her being so annoying. I told her to forget about it multiple times but she wouldn’t. Then she started berating me for siding with her mom earlier.

I honestly couldn’t deal with her anymore and asked a guy sitting near us if he would switch seats with me. He probably agreed because I had a window seat. My girlfriend was very angry at me but I got the sleep I needed.

She has been giving me the silent treatment since we reached home and told her friends I made her sit next to a creep on the plane. AITA?

Let's find out what Reddit had to say.

violetreaver4 writes:

YTA, not for wanting sleep but for how you handled this. Let’s walk through it here from your girlfriends perspective.

She’s upset and angry, and she wants to talk about it because it’s all she can think about right now. She wants you to tell her she’s in the right, and comfort her from being upset.

thezenman disagrees:

Why are you expecting a sleep deprived person to be 'actively engaging' when the only thing in his mind is to sleep. NTA, he wanted to sleep and his GF is the AH for keep pestering him.

mrfruitfly writes:

YTA. If you had spent 20 minutes actively engaging in conversation with your girlfriend, you would have been able to sleep. But instead you just kept saying 'forget it', you switched seats with a stranger and now can't imagine why she is still upset with you.

You told her that her feelings don't matter, your sleep is more important than her comfort, and that she can't depend on you when she is upset.

Well, Reddit can't seem to decide what the proper etiquette is for this situation. What do YOU think OP should have done?

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