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Plane passenger kicks a woman with a broken leg out of her seat, 'I had no idea.' AITA?

Plane passenger kicks a woman with a broken leg out of her seat, 'I had no idea.' AITA?


"AITA for unknowingly kicking a woman with a broken leg out of my seat?"

I (36f) had a flight from Athens to Atlanta (over 10 hour flight) | paid around $600 extra to upgrade to a comfort plus seat. I miscalculated timing to get to my gate so l was the last one to arrive for my flight, the gate attendant told me I couldn't board the plane as boarding was finished.

The flight wasn't due to leave for another 27 minutes and as a frequent traveller I know boarding closes 20 mins before the flight so I pointed this out. He made a fuss but relented and said I could board the flight but I would have to sit in economy as they had given my seat away.

Again I argued that I am at the gate within the allotted time and I would like my seat l've paid for. They relented and I boarded the flight. Once in my seat a flight attendant came over and proceeded to tell me that they'd upgraded a woman with a broken leg to my seat because they assumed I wasn't coming so when I showed up they had to move the woman back to her economy seat.

I got a fair few filthy looks from other passengers but I genuinely didn't care because I didn't think I'd done anything wrong. I just wanted to sit in the seat I had prebooked and paid extra for, I had no idea they'd put someone with a broken leg my seat so therefore had no idea they'd had to move her when I arrived to board the flight. I really can’t see how I’ve done anything wrong but AITA?

Here's what top commenters had to say about this one:

Wolfe_Hunter_VII said:

In this situation, that lady’s comfort and yours are both the responsibility of the airline, as their customers. The way they handled it was poor; NTA.

suziespends said:

NTA You got the seat you paid for. Nothing more, nothing less. The people giving you dirty looks could have given her their seat.

JuliaX1984 said:

NTA Not your fault they apparently can't tell the difference between 20 and 27.

BendPresent1437 said:

NTA. You paid f--king 600$ extra for that seat and you arrived on time, talk with someone and report the gate attendand for being rude to you.

earenice said:

NTA. The flight attendant was the AH. You are not a charity shop

WavesnMountains said:

NTA the airline didn’t follow procedure, the customer shouldn’t be out the money

Everyone was on OP's side for this one. What's your advice for this situation?

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