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Pregnant mom of two boys cries at gender reveal party, 'why are there both colors now?' AITA?

Pregnant mom of two boys cries at gender reveal party, 'why are there both colors now?' AITA?


"AITA...for crying at my gender reveal?"

I'll try to make this short. I have 2 children (both boys)...I'm currently pregnant with my 4th after a loss. My mil offered to be the gender keeper. She got the confetti cannons...

This is my last pregnancy so I wanted to do a small reveal with close family and friends. My last was during covid and we had to skip all the cutsie things... I have 2 boys and of course would adore a little girl...

I would also be happy keeping my boy mom crown! But damn a little girl would just be so freaking sweet. We get to the cannons. Mil hands us both a cannon. Husband gets his to go first and all I see is pink confetti...the sweetest life with a daughter flashing in my mind...

Hugging my husband...tears shed...I was shaking happy.. (I'm always very calm and collected when I'm excited) mom crying happy for me.. this is the biggest best surprise I've ever had. I was expecting a 3rd boy.

But soon after celebrating, my MIL interrupts. Telling me I have to do mine too. I was so excited to see the pink confetti from my husband's that I never set mine off. I am assuming it's also pink...because I'm not having twins. But instead it's blue...I instantly regret my initial ecstatic response.

Why are there both colors now? She then hands us the "real' cannons"... and they both pop blue. Of course I can't match my previous energy. I hugged my husband and people around me and excused myself.

And I cried. And I haven't really stopped for hours now...Don't get me wrong...I am so incredibly thankful for the opportunity to have any children and i know health is number 1...That isn't lost on me.

But it's as if I had this space in time where my dream of a daughter came true.. and I experienced the joy of having a girl join my crazy boy filled family...and now I'm grieving that.

I know I'll love my son with all my heart and I am not upset he's a boy at's just the Rollercoaster to find out who he was...broke my heart today. I feel like a Jerk for being so upset.. but all this happened in front of an audience.. I'm so embarrassed.. & this happy video taken of the reveal isn't even real. It's a moment in time I got my heart broken.

I don't understand the humor even if everything had gone according to plan ?.. what was the point? I didn't find the humor...or what the end goal was. AITA for being upset?

Here's what top commenters had to say about this one:

Availfghfc said:

NTA That’s a really cruel joke.

NatashOverWorld said:

It's only funny when the actual parents are doing the fake outs. You don't give the expecting mother one news and then change it, because it can fail badly, like IT DID HERE! MIL is a fool. NTA.

winterworld561 said:

Your mother in law needs to be spoken to about her cruel joke. It's not right to mess with peoples emotions like that. It's sick.

Far-Juggernaut8880 said:

NTA- your MIL was very inappropriate… rude… ahole for doing that. Your crying is reaction to that and not having a boy.

MisselthwaiteGardens said:

NTA! Even if there was no trick and you pulled blue from the beginning, you’re allowed to feel sad. I don’t think you would have as much, then though because, like you said, you had these false hopes. Even your mom was jumping excitedly. NTA, and not a “funny joke” either.

theabozeman said:

NTA. Incredibly awful “joke,” especially after a loss. You weren’t upset about the gender, you were upset about the “prank.” Take care of yourself, mama.

Everyone was on OP's side for this one. What's your advice for this family?

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