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Professional poker player leaves great niece $700K in will, 'my mom is furious.' AITA?

Professional poker player leaves great niece $700K in will, 'my mom is furious.' AITA?


"AITA for Wanting to Accept an Inheritance My Mom Disapproves Of?"

I'm in a complex family situation and could really use some judgment here to make sure I'm not going crazy. I'm a 26 y/o woman who recently found out that my great aunt, who was a professional poker player, left me $700k in her will. This sum is just a portion of a much larger estate.

However, there's a catch - my mom is against gambling in all kinds and is furious that the money comes from what she considers an unethical source. She's so against it that she's now saying I shouldn't accept the inheritance. What's more, she's hinted that she believes the money should go to her instead, arguing that she can put it to better use and "sanitize" its origins by investing it in the family. Which sounds like total bullshit btw.

To give some more context, my mom is in her 50s and has always been vocal about her disapproval of my aunt's job. She sees this inheritance as not just unearned, but morally tainted. On my end, I see a chance to clear my student debt, secure a financial future, buy a house and yes, help out my family (mom included) in significant ways.

I've suggested compromises, like donating a portion to charity, but my mom insists it's all or nothing - either I refuse the entire inheritance or I'm acting against her wishes. It feels like a no-win situation where I'm being asked to choose between financial stability and my relationship with my mom, which is normally great.

We are best friends and this is really hurting me. So, AITA for wanting to accept the inheritance, despite how it was earned and my mom's strong feelings on the matter?

Here's what top commenters had to say about this one:

Brian57831 said:

NTA - Your mom sounds jealous that it was left to you and not to her. Ignore your mom and pay off your bills. Make sure to put some away for retirement, as it sounds a lot, but really it isn't.

no_thanks_9802 said:

Take ALL of your money and make sure your mom can't lay a finger on any of it. NTA.

3_wheeler_of_doom said:

NTA, but your mum is a bit of an AH. If she really thought the money was tainted in any way she should be saying that you should donate it to a charity or something - the whole amount I mean. Your aunt wanted you to have that money, she would have been quite aware that you could clear your debts, and have the security of owning a home.

Your mum doesn't really care about where the money came from, she's just trying to guilt trip you into giving it to her, she is obviously jealous that you were left money and she wasn't, if her investing it in the family would 'sanitize' it, then you investing in you future would as well. Don't give in OP, this money is yours, your aunt wanted you to have it, and you should do what you want with it.

Usual-Archer-916 said:

You are an adult. Take the money. None of mom's business. Your mother has no right to tell you what to do with that money. Mom needs a time out. Boundaries are a good thing, and setting them is healthy for relationships.

professorfunkenpunk said:

NTA. Take the money and tell your grifter mom to get f'ed.

JuliaX1984 said:

NTA This money was earned fair and square. Follow your aunt's wishes and take it! Your mom does not deserve it! Then find an accountant to help you invest and use it wisely.

Everyone was on OP's side for this one. What's your advice for this family?

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