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Brother offers to 'sell' sister to his friend for $10K. AITA?

Brother offers to 'sell' sister to his friend for $10K. AITA?


"AITA for refusing to date my brother’s friend and costing him $10,000?"


So my (22F) older brother (30M) has a wealthy friend (30M). This friend comes from ‘old money’ plus they run a successful startup together. Over the last year or so they’ve been expanding the business.

I go to college and currently live with my parents and sister. I’m the least aware of my brother’s business dealings out of the whole family, so typically my parents/sister will let me know of any serious news.

Well apparently there have been some financial ‘mistakes’ and my brother owed his friend 10k. I didn’t know all the details until my brother came up to me one evening and said that I can help.

He explained that his friend was willing to ‘overlook’ the debt if I went on a few dates with him. I was pretty confused as to why I was thrust into this situation. I’m not even that well acquainted with his friend and wanting to date me came out of nowhere.

I immediately told my brother that there’s no way I’d ‘date’ (aka sleep) with his friend just because he owes him money. The whole proposal made me feel really gross and cheap.

He has been begging me for DAYS to help out and that I’m his only ticket to clearing that 10k. Even his friend reached out and the conversation made me feel REALLY awkward. I feel like I’m being pimped out by my brother and treated like some object to clear his debt.

Now my brother -as well as my parents- are angry at me for not dating his friend. They said that nobody expects me to have sex with the guy so I should just go on the dates to help my brother/his reputation. They’re saying that I’m very unsupportive and selfish. Am I the a$$h0l3 for not going along with the plan?

I didn’t know where else to post it but here’s what my brother’s friend texted me:

Text Exchange (Language warning)

~Update My sister and my guy friend are supporting me. (I actually have a huge crush on my friend so it feels good to know he has my back. But then again I reckon any decent person would). I don’t want to be around my family right now so I’m gonna spend a few days at my friend’s place.

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NTA. If your brother wants the debt forgiven. He can hook up with his buddy himself. Tell your brother to stop acting like your pimp. If you were going to sell your ass for 10 grand. You would be keeping the 10 grand and not gifting it to your brother. Tell your parents that they are free to satisfy this dude to clear their little boy’s debt.


How about a compromise? OP can lend her brother one of her outfits.


"I feel like I’m being pimped out by my brother and treated like some object to clear his debt."

Yes, that's literally what's happening. NTA.

"Now my brother -as well as my parents- are angry at me for not dating his friend."

Sorry that your family is trash :(.


What is wrong with your family? Your brother’s idiocy doesn’t mean he gets to pimp you out, this is just wrong on so many levels. NTA!

The OP responded here:


I know! Why is it my fault he owes someone money? 😭


In Measure For Measure, when Isabella first refused Angelo, she was positive her brother would never have wanted her to do that for him. When she told him about it in prison and he actually asked her to go through with it, she told him that if that was how he felt, he could go ahead and get executed. NTA Tell them both you'll report them for soliciting and promoting prostitution if they bring it up again.


Yea no man is paying $10,000 just for a dinner date. He 100% expects intimacy as payment for your brother debt. Don’t go on this “date” it’s 100% not just a date.


NTA. If my friend told me he'd overlook that kind of debt if I pimped my sister out to him, not only would he never see a penny from me, but he'd be owing me and my sister $10k for every tooth he hopes to keep in his mouth.


This! Why wasn’t the brother offended! And how disgusting is the guy that he needs to purchase a human? He is rich so he must be incredible repulsive or sadistic to have or want to resort to this way to trap/date women. He is more than just wanting to date it sounds potentially dangerous. He doesn’t see humans as autonomous things but as object he can buy.


NTA it feels like your Brother is pimping you out, because he is trying to! Your Parents going along with this is disgusting. You should get away from these people. They seem like the “What have you done for me lately” type.


Beyond what everyone else said, your brother and your parents are not safe. You can't trust them. They know exactly what is going to happen. Would you pay $10,000 just to hang out with someone? I would put as much space between you and them as you can.


I would straight up ask your family why they are okay with your brother pimping you out like a pr*stitut3. Seriously use that language. And when they stutter (cause they will) ask them to point out the difference for you so you can be clear. Seriously play dumb. NTA I would be ceasing contact with them for real.

So, that was upsetting. If you could give the OP any advice or supportive sentiment here, what would you say?

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