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'AITA for revealing that my husband and I got a paternity test to his family, causing turmoil?'

'AITA for revealing that my husband and I got a paternity test to his family, causing turmoil?'


"AITA for revealing that my husband and I got a paternity test to his family, causing turmoil?"

I 26F just gave birth to my son two months ago. My Husband Devin (34M) and I have a prenup that dictates that I am to receive a gift upon the birth of a child that is biologically ours, called a "bump gif." It may seem a bit silly but a lot of his work friends also have this clause because "she does all the hard work building the baby, a whole 9 almost 10 months, that is worthy of a gift."

To keep the legitimacy of the clause, it requires a paternity test before it takes effect. My husband works in stock trading and makes very good money so I can afford to stay at home, though I do work remotely as a marketing and data analyst.

Because of the prenup, as soon as our son was born Devin and I went for a paternity test, it was positive as I never cheated and never would. Devin bought me two year subscriptions for my favorite book subscription boxes, (one is YA and the other Adult Fantasy).

I usually only get 3 month subscriptions because of the cost but was so happy he chose this gift. Though both of us agree the test was purely a formality as we trust each other.

A few nights ago we were at my in-laws house for dinner, Devin's dad also works in stock trading and they talk about work over dinner whereas his mom and I are both avid readers so we talk about recent books.

His sister Erika (30F) and her husband (36M), were there, even though it is usually just Devin, my FIL, my MIL, and I, and they just had a baby three months ago, though Erika has a history of infidelity and her husband has struggled with accepting paternity.

I mentioned how cute her daughter was and told her how glad I was that we all had babies so close in age. Her husband snapped and mentioned that he should get a paternity test, because he was sure the baby was Erika's, but unsure if the baby was his. Erika said that nobody in their right mind would do a paternity test and asked me if I agreed.

I said that Devin and I did a paternity test two days after our son was born. And that I wasn't bothered because I knew that our son was his. She freaked out on me for acting like it wasn't a big deal and made dinner really awkward. I feel like a total ahole because I know we got paternity tests for vastly different reasons, but I also feel like she asked me the question and I answered honestly. AITA?

Here's what top commenters had to say about this one:

WomanInQuestion said:

NTA - she’s being defensive; possibly because she doesn’t know if he’s the father either.

ggfangirl85 said:

I’m quite familiar with push presents and have received them myself, but this is beyond bizarre. All of you are very weird. I don’t think this is real, and I’m truly wondering if you can legally enforce a present and paternity test clause in a prenup.

Wilder_Beasts said:

We called it a push present instead of a bump gift. Don’t have a prenup and the gift wasn’t tied to her “producing me a child” which seems a little strange in itself. Makes the marriage feel a little too transactional to me.

duckduckthis99 said:

I'm laughing so hard at this story

nameone1one said:

Started out weird, got weirder, then at the end the guy randomly announces that the kid is probably not front of everyone??

While most people were on OP's side for this one, everyone was also deeply confused. What's your opinion on this situation and "push presents?"

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