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Sibling-of-the-groom kicks family member and infant out of child-free ceremony. AITA?

Sibling-of-the-groom kicks family member and infant out of child-free ceremony. AITA?


"AITA for making my family member and her infant leave during a wedding ceremony?"

My brother got married last weekend in a church and my entire extended family was there. My brother and his fiancé were adamant on the reception being childfree except for my 10 year old cousin because she’s well behaved and one of the only children in our family right now.

My cousin has an 8 month old son that she brought with her to the area for the weekend but she also brought a nanny to watch him while we’re all at the wedding. She ended up bringing him to the ceremony at the church which we didn’t know she was going to do, then have the nanny watch him during the reception.

During the ceremony he started babbling and “talking” and wouldn’t stop. He didn’t cry or anything but he was very loud and making disruptions. My brothers fiancé was visibly angry (kept turning around to glare at them) but no one said anything. After it went on for about 10 mins during the ceremony I turned around and asked her to take the baby outside, which she did.

After the ceremony, that whole side of the family was very angry with me. My one aunt kept saying how mad she was that I “made her grandson leave the wedding”. They continued to talk about this all during the pictures and said that he was fine because he wasn’t crying he was just mumbling.

They’re very family oriented so they were all pissed at me for a while after that. But since it was my brother and his fiancé’s day I wanted it to be perfect for them and to help them out since my now SIL was visibly very angry at the altar. AITA for making my cousin leave the ceremony with her loud kid?

Here's what top commenters had to say:

Unfair-Arachnid-1794 said:

NTA - They requested no kids, your cousin said 'Eff you' and brought her child anyway. And the comment about making "My grandson leave the wedding"...he's an 8 month old potato, ma'am. He won't remember sh$t. This is about OP's brother and fiance. Not the whole family and their wants.

MutantsAtTableNine said:

NTA. If they were "family oriented" they would've respected the invitation they received for a childfree wedding

FloMoJoeBlow said:

NTA. Nothing wrong with bringing kids to a wedding or church, but when they get disruptive, it's up to the parent to take them out. In this case, the parent didn't, so OP had to speak up.

Living-Assumption272 said:

NTA. I know people can have very strong opinions on this, but if your brothers fiancé was bothered by it, I think you did the right thing. Your aunt and the rest of the family clearly don’t understand that this was not their day and as precious as the baby is, it wasn’t their day either.

Negative_Reading_600 said:

“Made her grandson leave the wedding." OMG!!! You monster, now he is not going to remember this wonderful occasion in his LIFE!!! Lol….NTA.

Everyone agreed unanimously here that OP was not in the wrong. What's your advice?

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