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Wife 'repulsed' by husband letting dog sleep in bed, 'I'm drawing the line;' AITA?

Wife 'repulsed' by husband letting dog sleep in bed, 'I'm drawing the line;' AITA?


It can be hard for pet owners to resist letting the dog sleep in the bed, but prioritizing a good night's sleep without waking up at 3 AM to a drooling pet is important...

What do you do, though, when your partner insists on snuggling with your furry friend, to the point where you're boycotting your own bedroom?

When an anti-dog-in-the-bed person decided to vent to the moral compass of the internet otherwise known as Reddit's 'Am I the As#hole' about putting an end to sleeping the basement, people were ready to hear the drama.

AITA for telling my husband if he wants the dog in bed they can share the guest room?

My husband desperately wanted a dog. I did not. We talked about it for years before finally getting one 3 years ago. Before getting one we talked about all the rules we would have and how we would train the dog.

1 was the dog wouldn't be allowed on the couch unless specifically invited. 2 was the dog would not be allowed in our bed. Ever.

Those were two very important boundaries of mine. I made it super clear how I felt about it. He agreed that he would follow those rules.

Flash forward 3 years later. I literally cannot ever cuddle or snuggle with my husband on our couch because this dog is constantly in his lap and it's not a pomeranian... it's a 75lb weimaraner.

Even on the rare occasion we do start to get close and snuggle... here comes the dog just right up on top of us, no hesitation, no permission needed.

Because my husband caved to that rule immediately and says stupid sh$t like 'awe he just wants to be a part of the family.'

And I'm like 'we literally bought a $180 orthopedic dog bed that's 3 ft away for him to have somewhere equally comfy.'

Now the worst part. My bed. Just like the couch every time I left for work or left the room my husband invites the dog into bed.

It's gone on so long the dog thinks our bed is his bed and I'm so repulsed by it that I cannot even put it into words how much it disgusts me.

I'm drawing the line. If he wants to sleep with the dog they can share the guest room. My husband says I'm over reacting. AITA?

Later, the post was edited to include:

[Edit for context] for all those saying I should have said something sooner or I shouldn't have waited so long to put a stop to it...

I have not been silent. I have stated time and time again how much it bothers me. I've even left the couch and left the room myself.

I am currently sleeping in the basement while the dog takes my side of the bed. Probably never going back up there. I like the basement more anyways.

Here's what the jury of internet strangers had to say about this mess:

LexiFitz said:

NTA, those are perfectly reasonable rules and most importantly, your husband agreed to them as a condition to getting the dog.

Put your foot down, including the dog being out of the couch, I wouldn't want a smelly couch either. If they want to cuddle, they can both go to the dog's bed.

Pickled-soup said:

NTA your husband is a selfish jerk.

xpoisonvalkyrie said:

NTA, but you should’ve never gotten a dog to begin with if you didn’t want it.

ItsWetInWestOregon said:

NTA I have a dog and she knows my bed is off limits. Everywhere else is fine, but I need one place on this house clean from my dog.

I shower before I get into bed and I wash my sheets every week and change my pillow case every few days. Having a clean bed is a need for me, not a want

a_small_moth_of_prey said:

NTA. I’ve had my dog as long as I’ve had my husband but she isn’t allowed to step one foot into our bedroom. Boundaries aren’t cruelty.

Note to any husbands choosing their dog over their wife: it's time for a talk...

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