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Teen daughters demand private hotel rooms for family trip, 'they think it's unfair.' AITA? UPDATED 2X.

Teen daughters demand private hotel rooms for family trip, 'they think it's unfair.' AITA? UPDATED 2X.


"AITA for forcing my daughter to share a hotel room?"

I have two daughters (14F and 16F.) We decided to go to New Zealand for summer vacation (it's summer for us) we haven't been able to go on much vacations before so all of us were really excited. We booked a nice hotel and planned to visit many places.

We planned to book one room for me and my husband and booked another room for my daughters with connecting doors. I didn't see a problem but my daughters want their own room and want privacy.

They think it's unfair that they have to share but they are barely going to be spending any time in their rooms. They would only use it for changing and sleeping so I told them to just deal with it. The room would have a double bed so I didn't see a issue.

My daughter wants us to get a triple suite with three rooms or just book another room so both of them can have their own rooms, but it would cost quite a lot more money we could afford it but I don't think the extra privacy is worth it as they won't really use their rooms much so I told them no.

Now they are upset with me and my husband and his mother are saying we should maybe pay the extra money for another room.

Here's what top commenters had to say about this one:

princess_fiona_7437 said:

Sounds like MIL just volunteered to watch your kids for a week so you and you husband can enjoy a nice vacation without the kids. NTA. Your kids sound very entitled.

When I was growing up I never had my own bedroom, I always had to share with my sister. And as for vacations, we couldn’t afford to go on them. Maybe it’s time to take your daughters to volunteer at a food bank so they can learn to appreciate what they have.

throwitaway3857 said:

NTA. Tell them to stop acting spoiled and entitled. It’s for a short period of time, most kids don’t get to go on vacation in New Zealand and if they have THAT big of problem with it, they can stay home and miss out on the fun. Tell your husband not cave. The demands will just get bigger. You two are the parents, not them.

Beck2010 said:

NTA. They’re literal teenagers and are throwing a fit because they have to share a room for a week. On vacation.

PeanutGallery10 said:

NTA. My sister and I had separate rooms at home but shared on trips. We knew it was because of money. There were a few arguments but if we wanted to go on the trip we put up with each other.

huhgjde said:

NTA - I think you’re offering a fair option, it’s not like they have to share with you and your husband If they don’t want to share, they don’t need to come and enjoy the treat.

Ok-Huckleberry6975 said:

NTA and that is insane. Unless they are paying they can shut up and be grateful or they can stay home.


I talked to my daughters last night and I showed them some of the comments I told them that they weren't getting another room unless they could pay for it themselves. The 14 year old could do babysitting or part time jobs around the neighborhood and the 16 year old could get a part time job and I would take how much ever money they earn untill they pay off the hotel bill.

Both my daughters were strongly opposed an didn't want to work I ended up telling that either they share a room pay for it themselves or just not go. We could afford to buy them the room, but I feel like they are already spoiled.

They never had to share a room on a vacation before as we always used to book a suite when going on vacation, but we haven't been abroad in years and the trip to new Zealand is already expensive. We don't want to spend more money even if we can afford it.

I talked to my husband and I managed to convince him to not give in we told our daughters firmly it wasn't happening we haven't booked the tickets yet and we told them if they kept complaining they wouldn't be included and they would have to stay at grandma's where they would also have to share a guest room.

They want to stay home alone but I don't think it's a good idea so I refused. They reluctantly agreed to come. Thanks for the help.

Here's what top commenters said about the update:

mtbgravelgirl said:

They reluctantly agreed??? At this point, I would just park their as$es at Grandama's house. With their attitudes, they will probably make sure the trip is miserable.

Mysterious_Pea_5008 said:

Might want to delete them from your trip plans and reserve a stay for them with Grandma. Why take them, with their feet dragging and their mouths fuming, on a trip that could be great fun for you and your husband?

nothisTrophyWife said:

My kids are twice the age of your kids and still share a hotel room when we travel. Hell, sometimes they share a bed, when necessary. NTA.

Time-U-1 said:

NTA. They don’t want to work for the money for a separate room but they want you to. Do they not see how what they are asking for is unfair?

And I don’t understand why you would have them in separate rooms ever? It seems like it’s been a couple years since you’ve been at a hotel. Did your 11 year old stay in a room by herself? That was just stupid and set your daughter up for unrealistic expectations.

Freeverse711 said:

Your kids are beyond spoiled. When my family went to Disney when I was 14, me, my mom, dad, and two sisters all shared one room, it’s what we could afford and honestly it was a great trip.

Everyone was unanimously on OP's side for this one. What's your advice for this family and these spoiled brat teens?

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