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Teen ditches babysitting brother's kids to see boyfriend, brother freaks out on her.

Teen ditches babysitting brother's kids to see boyfriend, brother freaks out on her.


Siblings generally will have each other's backs through life. It's nice to have someone to help as your parents get older, someone to go to if you need advice or even someone to watch your kids for free. You have to ensure that your sibling has reached a level of maturity where these things are possible.

On a popular Reddit thread in the Am I the A**hole Subreddit, one teen decides to ditch babysitting her niece and nephew to hang out with her boyfriend, and her brother is not excited by her choice.

She writes:

My brother Derek is 27 and has been married to his wife Sophie (not real name), 26, for two years, and they have two kids four-year-old male and a six-month-old female. They never had much money, and recently they had to move back in with my parents. I also live with my parents and just finished my first year at community college. I’m 19f.

When my siblings moved out, my parents gave me the master bedroom, but when Derek Sophie moved in, I moved to a smaller room, and they got the master bedroom. None of them bothered me because they were having a hard time, but Sophie gave me a schedule and said this is a (children’s ) daily routine.

I asked what she meant, and she said it was for when she was at work. I told Sophie that I was not going to watch her kids, and I never said I was. My mom told me that she meant to talk to me about it, and, because the class is over and my parents work full-time, I should watch their kids.

If Derek or Sophie asked me, I would have said no because I work part-time in the evening, and I’m stressed, but they could have at least asked instead of just assuming I would.

Yesterday Sophie thanked me for watching her kids and left before I could say anything so I called my best friend and told her that my brother would pay her when he got home.

I spent the entire day with my boyfriend. I got a call from my brother yelling at me, saying that I put his kids in danger (my friend is getting an early childhood education degree and babysitting regularly, and she's great with kids.)

When I got home, Derek and Sophie yelled at me, saying that they couldn’t afford a babysitter and that I was selfish. I knew that if I just watched the kids, they would do that all Summer.

My dad agrees, but my mom says I could have just watched them. I want everyone to know that my friend was paid. I would never let her go unpaid, but my brother had no extra money to spare.

My brother made many investments and is in a lot of debt. I told Sophie she could put them in daycare, but she didn’t want to because it would 'corrupt them.' Also, my friend charged him 35 dollars would have been more, but because I’m her friend, she gave them a discount.

The internet has chosen a side.

pantsmerchant says:

Get the list of kids' routines and put the cost of each on it, then give it back to them. 'Since you assume I work for you, here are my rates.'

avocadosdontbite says:

NTA. You are right. They are trying to push you into unwilling free childcare duty for kids who aren't yours all summer.

I would not agree, and I would let them know that you will be out of the house all day every day, so they'd better come up with a paid babysitter to watch their kids or put them in actual childcare.

Then make good on your promise and go to the library or a coffee shop every day for at least a week or two until they find someone to watch their kids. Not your responsibility.

Ducky818 says:

NTA. Not your kids. Not your responsibility. While it would be nice to help occasionally, they didn't even ask.

They just assumed their entitlement would prevail. Wrong again!

OP, your brother wanted childcare, and you delivered!

Sources: Reddit
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