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Teen makes mockery of Ramadan celebration; gets mad when she gets kicked out.

Teen makes mockery of Ramadan celebration; gets mad when she gets kicked out.


Spring is a time to end the miserable winter weather, and it's also a time when three prominent religions celebrate some important holidays. Passover, Ramadan, and Easter generally happen around the same time, and whether you celebrate or not, you must respect the celebrations of others who may.

On a popular Reddit thread in the Am I the A**hole Subreddit, one teen invites her friends to celebrate Iftar with her and her family, and one of her friends proves to be a colossal jerk.

She writes:

I genuinely wish I didn’t have to deal with this idiocy, but my 'friend' Emily is getting other people involved. We are both 18F in our last year of sixth form.

I’m Muslim and observing Ramadan. Every year I’m allowed to invite some of my friends over for iftar (the meal at sunset), and we always have fun. I usually mostly invite my other Muslim friends.

This year I decided to invite everyone on Monday evening. It’s still Easter break, and some of my other friends, including Emily, had expressed that they wanted to join the iftar, too, so I invited them.

I 'prepped' the non-Muslim friends about what to expect at our iftar, including that we would go to pray shortly after sunset and would then have the main meal. I told them that it’s disrespectful to walk in front of someone praying and to disturb us and that it can even 'break' our prayer, and we would have to start again.

Okay so. Monday evening comes. We have some snacks, and the Muslims go to pray. According to my other friends, Emily said she was going to the loo (which is next to the prayer room). I know that suddenly the prayer room door opened, there was loud music, and she started dancing in front of the room.

I left my prayer, called her a cab, and admittedly yelled at her calling her disrespectful to leave my house and get out. My parents are furious at me because of her actions.

Emily thinks I’ve overreacted to a prank, she even had her parents call me and scold me, and she’s telling all the people that weren’t at the iftar that I threw her out of my house over a joke. Everyone was with me, but our other friends had taken her side.

The internet is going to comment

citronaughty says:

NTA (Not the A**hole). After explaining to her how important the prayer was to you, why would she even think it was okay to do a 'prank' during the prayer?

Honestly, you might be better off if this friendship dissolves. I'm guessing your religion is important to you, so do you want to be friends who has such a disregard for your religion?]

Putrid_Musician_7670 says:

Would she suddenly blast music and dance if she was in a group of people with their heads bowed in a Christian prayer? She knew exactly how offensive she was being. Mocking a solemn religious service isn't a funny prank.

Not a prank or funny. She's probably not being honest about what happened because most people have the ability to understand that you shouldn't mock people during a serious moment.

Katana1369 says:

NTA, I'm a freaking atheist and think all religions are nuts, but I would never show such disrespect to a friend.

OP, that isn't a friend that's a bully.

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