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Teen refuses to let spoiled cousin use tablet on plane; says, 'it's not my job.' AITA?

Teen refuses to let spoiled cousin use tablet on plane; says, 'it's not my job.' AITA?


The iPad generation of children in public spaces has many parents wondering how anyone raised kids before they were able to give them a tablet and immediately prevent a temper tantrum in aisle 8...

So, when a conflicted teenager decided to consult the moral compass of the internet otherwise known as Reddit's 'Am I the As*hole' about whether or not he was wrong to deny his fussy cousin's access to his iPad on a long and boring flight, people were eager to deem a verdict.

"AITA (Am I the A%*hole) for not sharing my tablet with my little cousin and making things tough for my aunt on a long flight?"

So I (16m) am on vacation with my family. The people on the trip are: Me, my parents, my aunt Jen, and my cousins Oliver (9) and Luna (6).

My mom is super airline-savvy, so she managed to get us all seated together in a line; me and my parents on one side of the aisle, and my aunt and cousins directly across from us.

Anyway, I brought my tablet (which I bought with my own money) on the flight so I could watch Netflix as it was a pretty long flight. About twenty minutes after takeoff, I hear Luna start fussing with her mom about something, but I turn up the volume on my headphones.

Then I feel a tap on my shoulder from Luna who has the aisle seat (I’m also in the aisle seat). (Dialogue is rough since my memory isn’t the best).

Luna: Hey mommy said I can play on your tablet, give me it

Me: No, I’m using it right now. Maybe if you ask nicely when I’m done with my episode.

Luna: but she said I could!

Me: I don’t care

Luna: huff Mommy, I can play with [my name]’s tablet right?

Jen: that’s right honey

Luna: see? She said so

Me: it’s my tablet, not your mom’s. She can’t make me give it to you like she can with Oliver. Now leave me alone.

I then put my headphones back on and turn up the volume again, drowning out any more whining.

About twenty minutes later, my dad taps me on the shoulder and asks if my episode is done yet because my cousins are getting pretty noisy and my aunt needs a break. I can definitely hear the both of them whining and borderline yelling at my aunt that they’re bored.

(Here’s where I might be TA) I decide that I want to keep watching my show and that entertaining my cousins isn’t my job. I say that if Luna can ask nicely, she and Oliver can play for ten minutes, knowing full well that Luna won’t ask nicely because she’s spoiled.)

Jen: hey Luna, ask [my name] nicely if you can play

Luna: [my name] can I play?

Me: what’s the magic word?

Luna: give it!

Me: sorry, that’s not the magic word, I guess you don’t get to play.

I put my headphones back on and turn the volume back up, keeping it that way for the rest if the flight, save for the few times my parents asked me to give my cousins another chance, to which I said no.

After the flight, my mom said that what I did was petty, and that I made things unnecessarily difficult for my aunt on the flight. I know what I did was petty, but does it make me an AH?

Later, the post was edited to include:

ETA: there were screens on the back of the seats, and my cousins did play with them for a little while, but then they got bored which is when Luna asked me the first time

My aunt did bring some toys and games, but my cousins were already in a frenzy before she could get them from her bag, also they have such low attention spans I doubt it would have helped. The only thing that shuts them up is shoving a tablet or phone in their face, and I guess she forgot their tablets at home.

Of course, the jury of internet strangers was eager to weigh in on this family drama. Here's what people had to say:

author124 said:

NTA your aunt is teaching your cousins to be entitled and your parents are enabling her. Good job for standing your ground.

unpopularcryptonite said:

NTA, no magic word = no tablet.

Seed_Planter72 said:

NTA. Someone needs to teach auntie J and her kids some manners! How does Aunt J think she can give permission to use something that isn't hers. And Luna hasn't a clue about politely asking.

Well, how would she? Her mom can't teach her how to behave because she doesn't know how herself. Good on you for showing them their tactics don't work.

ItsBeenARealSlice23 said:

NTA. It was nice to even give them a chance even knowing the outcome. I’m a mom and on flights I plan a carry on that is strictly toys, tablet, books, etc. Just to keep my daughter busy because she’s MY daughter.

My kid, my responsibility. Your aunt should have prepared better and instead she reaped the consequences. Even if she didn’t bring toys there’s tons of made up games they could have played together.

BadBandit1970 said:

NTA. The only person who behaved appropriately here is YOU. Your aunt sucks for not planning entertainment for her kids on a long flight. Your parents suck for enabling your aunt's behavior. Jen is raising 2 very spoiled and entitled brats who are just going to get worse with time. Petty? Deliciously, yes. AH, hell no.

No-Produce-7430 said:

NTA and your parents can stfu along with your aunt and her heathen kids. You paid for it, it’s your property to do what you want with. Your aunt should have planned on entertainment for her own children.

This reminds me of a quote I love ‘Poor planning on your part does not constitute an emergency on mine’. Good for you for even offering it to them if they asked nice but I wouldn’t do that in the future bc they would either refuse to give it back or break it if they thought they couldn’t keep it.

So, there you have it...

Everyone agreed unanimously here that this teen wasn't at all wrong to refuse to share his belongings with his bratty cousins. Especially after he gave them a chance to be polite and respectful, his cousins and his aunt now must deal with the consequences. Good luck on this family vacation, everyone...things are about to get awkward at the all-inclusive resort.

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