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Teen wants to live with cousin because she 'can't handle' pregnant stepsister. AITA?

Teen wants to live with cousin because she 'can't handle' pregnant stepsister. AITA?


"AITA for telling my parents that I wanted to go live with my cousin because I can't stand my pregnant stepsister?"

My parent's divorced before I was born. I am 16 f. My dad married Bri when I was 5. She has a daughter from a previous relationship Misty 16. Me and Misty were close growing up. But when we were 14 we sort of went our own ways because she ended up with a different friend group then me. I mean we still talked and hang out, but it wasn't the same.

Anyway she got pregnant to her ex. Our parents were shocked and angry when she told them. But they said they will help support her. Her friend group dropped her and she got depressed. So my parents asked if she could hang out with me and my friends, which was fine with me.

She did seem to be more happy. But as this pregnancy went on she would get more emotional. One minute she be happy and the next she be all moody. I know its just pregnancy hormones and me and my friends tried to be understanding.

But then she started getting clingy with me and wanted to go everywhere with me. We went to the mall and I wanted to try out some clothes and she got really upset when she couldnt fit the clothes I was trying on and she really started crying.

I had to ring dad to come pick us up. I told dad and Bri after Misty was asleep that I needed a break from her. They told me to be more understanding and to look at it from her point of view. I was frustrated but decided to just deal with it.

My friend's birthday is happening next week. Misty wanted to come and I had to tell her that only I was invited. She got upset and started crying again. My dad and Bri told me it would be nice if I could ask my friend if she could go or I stay home and keep Misty company and I got mad and refused.

They started on the look at her point of view. I just had enough and said if I can't go then I was going to move to my cousin home because I can't stand being around Misty anymore.

They were furious because Misty heard and they demanded I apologize to her, but I wouldn't and said it is not my fault she got pregnant. Since then everyone been tense and my parents aren't talking to me and Misty hardly leaves her room now and I'm feeling bad and thinking I went to far. AITA?

Here's what top commenters had to say about this one:

Elegant_Cup23 said:

Why do you have to look at her perspective but no one has to look at yours? You're young, you've done absolutely nothing wrong, yet you're expected to forego your happiness and youth because she made a foolish mistake.

Next time dad or Stepmom say that, ask that they do the same for you. You are her stepsister, not emotional support human. You are her stepsister, not her therapist and you most certainly should not be forced to assist in raising a child you were not responsible for making because we ALL know where this is heading.

Moistfgvfdfdb said:

NTA. Heads up, your parents are going to do all they can (probably a lot of guilt-tripping) to convince you to stay because they're using you to buffer Misty and her drama from themselves.

Leo-POV said:

NTA. But get out of that house, and over to your cousin's place ASAP. As soon as that baby arrives your life will be hell. Go now, while you can.

MyHairs0nFire2023 said:

NTA. It isn’t your job to put your life on hold for your sibling. That is placing her emotional & mental wellbeing over yours. Your parents are AHs for asking you to. YOUR life shouldn’t change because SHE got pregnant. And it certainly shouldn’t be given to her for a few months so that she can have emotional support. You aren’t her emotional support human.

If she needs emotional support to the degree that it consumes &/or impacts your life, it is your parent’s job to get her therapy - not to expect you to give her more of your life/time. Her emotional wellbeing is THEIR responsibility - not yours. They’re the AHs.

Flat_Contribution707 said:

NTA. Your dad and stepmom are expecting you to do much. You asked for a break, which they refused to consider your point of view. Also, the lack of invitation for her should be a clue to how your friend group feels about her presence.

Pose this question to them. What's going to happen when you turn 18 in 2 years? Are you expected to delay your post HS plans because Misty is "alone" with a toddler? Are you expected to include her in your prom date?

Everyone was on OP's side for this one. What's your advice for this family?

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