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Polyamorous parents choose boyfriend over teenage daughter; demand she pays rent.

Polyamorous parents choose boyfriend over teenage daughter; demand she pays rent.


If you want to be in a polyamorous relationship and date multiple people, do it. It seems tricky and emotionally exhausting, but if you're not hurting anyone, do it. On a popular Reddit thread on the Am I The A**hole Subreddit, a teen seems like she may be the one losing when her parents decide to explore an open relationship.

AITA for the way I reacted to my parents open relationship and no longer paying rent.

Polyamorous parents choose their boyfriend over their teenage daughter; demand she pays rent.

For some parents, their retirement plan is their children.

I (18m) live with my parents; I've been paying rent since I was 16 since my parents would be financially f*cked if I wasn't helping out. My parents told me they were seeing someone and that their relationship was open. I didn't give a sh*t since it wasn't affecting me until this guy they were seeing started staying nights.

Polyamorous people can also be toxic.

He treats this place like it's his, tries to tell me what to do, and eats all our (MY) food. I tried talking to my parents about it, but they just said it's their house, so they can have who they want here.

OP said, you can f*ck my parents, but you can't f*ck with my dog.

I tried to put up with it until this guy tried to discipline my dog. I flipped my sh*t; it was certainly not the way you punish a dog, and I'm already sick of his sh*t. I yelled the house down, calling him all sorts, like 'dumb c*nt', and 'piece of a sh*t freeloader'.

My parents rushed to see what was going on and told me off, but instead, I called them terrible parents, saying that they could shove their house up their a**es and that I was not going to pay rent to live in a place I had no say in. That 'dumb c*nt' can cover my rent.

Yeah, that's fair! You may not get your security deposit back.

I've since been staying with my boyfriend. My parents recently texted me asking for my rent. I told them to f*ck off and reminded them of what I said. I feel like I'm not wrong not to pay rent anymore, but I went so overboard with my words. AITA

TemptingPenguin369 says:

NTA (Not the A**hole); they turned you into a paying tenant at 16 and I'm glad you're out. Do you have your dog with you? That would've been the final straw for me as well.

Used_Mark_7911 says:

NTA - They can’t expect you to pay rent if you are no longer living with them.

In some ways, this may be the best thing that ever happened to you. It sounds like they haven’t been the best parents and have been milking you financially for housing expenses and food. Better to be on your own and only responsible for supporting yourself.

laughingBaguette says:

NTA. For one thing, your parents are AH for forcing you to live in a situation you're uncomfortable with. Not only is the side dude not respecting boundaries, but he's also a stranger, and you shouldn't be expected to be ok with sharing space with him.

Losing your sh*t may have been much, but everyone has a breaking point. Parents going through a change like this (open relationship, separation, divorce) must have their kids' well-being in mind. Still, since you're legally an adult, you may have to walk away and let them deal with their financial issues themselves.

Don't pay rent to your parents! They may have read Ethical Slut, but they need to read a parenting guide.

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