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'AITA for telling someone it was her fault she lost her diamond engagement ring at the gym?'

'AITA for telling someone it was her fault she lost her diamond engagement ring at the gym?'


"AITA for telling someone it was her fault she lost her diamond engagement ring at the gym?"

AITA? My sister in law went to the gym. She took off her diamond engagement ring while on the stairmaster machine, put it in a cup holder. She went to the locker room to change after she finished and realized she left her ring in the cup holder of stairmaster machine. She ran back to the machine, and it was gone.

Someone took the diamond ring. Her husband paid over $10,000+ for it. She says she was "robbed" and is playing the helpless victim. I probably shouldn't have said this, but I said "why would you wear a diamond ring to the gym? You know you have to take it off to workout."

She called me a "jerk" and don't blame her for being "robbed." If I saw a diamond ring at the gym, I would turn it in to the front desk. But that's me...I know someone would be heartbroken to lose it. But I think she's an careless idiot for wearing it to the gym and leaving it on a stairmaster.

Her husband is furious at her, and I don't blame him. She is always doing careless things like this. She filed a police report and the police is going to get security camera footage from the gym. I hope they catch the person who took it. But in my opinion, she was stupid to wear a diamond ring to the gym and be so careless.

Here's what top commenters had to say about this one:

RaptorOO7 said:

NTA. She is careless and an idiot. You have a locker for.a reason.

FellowTraveller7 said:

NTA. She should have been more careful with it. She should have locked it in a locker with her other things. Personally, I don't understand why women take off their jewelry to workout or wash their hands...just clean it later at home. It's not worth the risk.

ETA: People should just put their rings locked in lockers if they're going to do strenuous workouts. She was just on the stairmaster, so in my opinion she shouldn't have left it in a cup holder.

So many people have commented saying the skin can get ripped off and your hand can get injured when wearing rings. I didn't know there were such strenuous workouts that could result in that. I wear workout gloves myself, and they have protected me. I have been working in gyms and recreation centers for years and have never seen or heard of such injuries.

slashfan93 said:

NTA. “You’re a jerk how dare you blame me for being a careless fwit." She wasn’t robbed per se, she was stupid. It’s a helluva expensive thing to forget about.

Crazy_Banshee_333 said:

NTA. She should have purchased a chain to wear around her neck so she could keep her ring safely on the chain any time she took it off. Putting it in the cupholder was indeed foolhardy.

Once it was in there, she couldn't see it and there was a high probability she would walk off and leave it in there. For a ring that valuable, they should have purchased insurance for it. They were inviting disaster by not doing so. It is just too easy to lose a ring.

GrinningCheshieCat said:

Yeah, YTA. What reason is there to make her feel worse after something has been stolen? Should she have been more careful? Sure. But we aren't at that step right now. This is essentially blaming the victim and it makes it sound like she deserves this somehow.

BlueGreen_1956 said:

NTA. She was a clueless idiot. I'm not even sure the person who took it would be arrested for "robbery." All they would have to do if caught was to say, "I meant to take it to the front desk, but I forgot." If she is so stupid as to leave something that valuable lying around, the "thief" can certainly claim to be just as stupid.

Everyone was on OP's side for this one. What's your advice for these "robbery?"

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