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Tenant in managed apartment building rushes concierge to get package, 'come on, let's go.' AITA?

Tenant in managed apartment building rushes concierge to get package, 'come on, let's go.' AITA?


"AITA for telling the concierge to 'come on, alright let’s go' to get my package?"

I live in one of those managed apartments that has a mail room. I need to talk to a concierge lady and then she’ll go into the mail room to get it for me.

This particular concierge lady is always watching TV shows on her phone, which is fine of course. But when you ask for your package, she just doesn’t look up and just very slowly stows her phone away.

But, in the process...eyes still fixated on the phone screen and never looks at me. I always found that a bit disrespectful.

After a particular stressful day today, when she did that again, when I asked for my package, I said “come on, alright let’s go” in a pretty matter-of-fact kind of voice. She got pretty upset at that and refused to get my packages.

So, AITA for saying that? Please do tear me a new one if I am. This is not a pity party post but rather a genuine inquiry into the social norms in the United States with reference to service workers.

Here's what top commenters had to say about this one:

Deeddles said:

NTA. She's slacking off on the job. If she does it again, I wouldn't interact, but file a complaint.

BSmom said:

Nta. She's paid to provide a service. Talk to management about her refusing to get packages for you. Admit you may been brisk with her but her refusal is the part to be dealt with.

durtibrizzle said:

She sounds incredibly rude. Nta.

Intelligent-Bat1724 said:

NTA. Concierge needs an attitude adjustment or a new line of work.

SVAuspicious said:

I understand your frustration. Story to follow. The better thing to have done would be to suck it up and then complain to building management, making it clear that this is a performance problem regularly encountered with one specific member of staff.

Rudeness loses you the high moral ground, and gives the staff member the chance to cast doubt on your complaint. My judgement, for what it is worth, is NTA. Not very bright, but NTA.

Speed and efficiency is important from my crews. During training and early work we review expectations and I tell them explicitly how feedback is provided: "Today people, today." They also know to focus on technique because slow is smooth and smooth is fast. I'd like to think my approach, especially since they know it's coming and I don't yell is clear, a little funny, and not rude.

I don't think it applies to your circumstances beyond me sharing your frustration with unnecessary delay and passive-aggressive behavior. You should still complain to building management. Don't put up with subpar service.

No-Engineering-2638 said:

Someone mentioned needing a justified asshole judgement in the past. I think that probably fits here. You were pretty rude in how you said it, but she was completely out of line not doing her job. NTA.

Everyone was on OP's side for this one. What's your advice for this tenant?

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