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'AITA for trapping a stranger in my parking spot as my daughter needed to pee?' UPDATED

'AITA for trapping a stranger in my parking spot as my daughter needed to pee?' UPDATED


"AITA for trapping a stranger in my parking spot as my daughter needed to pee?"

This happened earlier today and I'm worried I've turned into an inconsiderate AH. I live behind a popular station and cars normally park on my road to commute to work or to pick-up people from the station. Because of this parking is limited, causing some people to park illegally across drive ways or on double yellow lines.

Before the lockdown this one woman took to parking on our private driveway while she waited for her friend. The driveway is obviously part of my garden but directly behind the station.

Each time she did it I asked her not to cause we need our parking space and its our private property. She would tell me she wouldn't be long and would normally be gone after 10mins. I've caught her doing this 3 times and seen her on our security system 11 times.

Today, I left in the car to pick up my daughter from nursery. When I returned she was waiting for her friend in my driveway. I flashed my headlights but she indicated that she would be a few minutes. This is where I think I messed up.

My 3 years was in the car and needed to pee badly. My 7 months was crying as they wanted to be held. I pulled up across the front of my drive way and got the kids out of the car then went into the house. As the lady realised what I has doing she opened her car door and asked me to move my car. I ignored her and went into the house.

My 3 year old made it to the toilet just in time. And the baby calmed down after a cuddle. By now I could see the lady's friend had arrived and she honked her horn so I would move my car. I ignored her, called my husband and told him what happened. He said he was 15mins away and he would move the car when he got back.

She came to the door knocking loudly and asking me to move my car. I told her via the kitchen window she would need to wait 15mins as I wasn't putting the kids back in the car to move it and she shouldn't have parked on my drive way. I was a bit of a condescending twat in the way I spoke to her but I didn't swear and wasn't blatantly rude. But I was dick.

She lost her mind and swore and hit the door. It was locked and she couldn't get in. I told her to calm the f down as she was upsetting my kids. She said she was calling the police and I said go ahead but with all that’s going on its a waste of their time.

Plus I had a security camera that would show i asked her to move plus the other times she parked there. My husband arrived 20mins later and moved the car so she could leave.

TLDR: Random woman parked her car on my private driveway. I blocked her car in so I could get my kids into the house and let my 3 year old use the toilet. She had to wait 20mins before the car was moved. AITA for not moving the car as soon as her friend arrived?


Thank you all for the comments and advice. I just can't believe so many people have taken the time to comment. Also thanks so much for the awards. I haven't been on here for a little while so this is all new. To answer a few recurring questions and comments:

1.) I'm in the UK. While parking in someone else's driveway is not a criminal offence, it does count as trespassing, which is a civil offence. With stuff like this we have to call the non emergency number and the police will respond if any police officers are free in the area. It's at the bottom of their to-do list with everything that’s going on.

2.) Me parking across my driveway is illegal as its a double yellow line. I could have got in trouble for that no matter the reason. Its not something I will do again.

3.) I saw comments about getting something to block our drive way. We are going to use a chain with a no parking sign on it. And get an automated gate a little later on. Moving the chain each time we leave or park will be annoying but it will help protect out property.

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