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'AITA for tricking my brother into selling me his half of our childhood home then demolishing it?'

'AITA for tricking my brother into selling me his half of our childhood home then demolishing it?'


"AITA for 'tricking' my brother into selling me his half of our childhood home then demolishing it?"


My mom and dad divorced when I was young. My brother loved the fact that our mom had no rules for him so he went with her. I agreed to abide by the custody agreement because I had no choice in the matter. My mom loves us both but she dotes on my brother like he farts perfume.

My dad kept the house. He had to buy my mom out. It was an old house built in 1953. It had old wiring and was really less than suitable for modern life. What it did have though was a huge yard that was great growing up.

My dad passed away during COVID. He left everything equally between my brother and I. I wanted the house. I told my brother that we should tear it down and put in infill housing like that neighborhood is zoned for.

He just wanted money. I bought out his half of the house at the market value. It was sold as a tear down. He took the money and bought a car and went on a vacation. He still has money left.

Then I had the house demolished and built a fourplex. Each unit has three bedrooms, 2 and a half bathrooms, a small yard, and a garage. I kept one unit for myself and rent each of the other units for $2,000 a month. My mortgage is $1,800 a month for the entire thing.

So basically I live free and bank $4,000 a month. My brother is angry that I didn't give him a unit to live in for him since it was his home too. I actually offered to sell him one at cost and he said no.

I'm lost. I offered him a partnership, I paid a fair price, I offered to sell him a unit, I did everything to try and be fair. He thinks I tricked him because I get "free" money every month.

Our mom said she would be cutting me out of her will and giving everything to him if I didn't give him a unit or the income from one. I agreed that was fair and said that I would no longer feel the need to contribute to her upkeep or retirement when the time came. I am being bombarded by the two of them but I took the risks. I took on the debt. This is my money now. AITA?

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Clearly NTA.

The OP responded here:


My mom and him disagree. I have even offered to sell him a unit now at market value. He does not have enough and he can't qualify for a mortgage. If he had come in at the beginning we could each have a unit for ourselves and $2,000 a month or income from our other unit with zero mortgage.


Your brother just wants his cake and to eat it too. NTA.


NTA. You bought his half of the house, you paid him, he wanted the money. His share of the money was spent buying cars and going on holiday, your share of the money was spent investing.

He's just angry and bitter because he made bad choices and you made better choices, and now he's acting like he is entitled to your good decisions because "he's your brother". Also mom is in the wrong for the heavy and outright blackmail ultimatum she put on you. Money really does bring out the bad in people.


Let me get this straight: you bought out his share, put up your money to build this four-plex, he did not contribute a dime, yet wants you to give him an apartment rent-free?

NTA. Unless you accede to his greedy & entitled demands. You owe him nothing. It appears your mother's threat to write you out of her will won't bother you, & you've informed her of the consequences. Sorry you have to put up with these people.



"My mom dotes on my brother like he farts perfume."

That's pretty obvious from your brother's ridiculous request. Let me guess: when you were kids, he'd eat his treats quickly, then demand that you share yours with him. And your mother forced you to do it, because "faaaamily".

You both got equal shares of the house. There was no trick. Your brother wanted the money and he got it. He wanted to spend it on a car and a vacation, and that's what he did.

Meanwhile you chose to invest it (and probably a boatload more of your own money + labor) into something that could generate value in the long term. He didn't invest a cent into that, nor lifted a finger to contribute, yet he feels entitled to the benefits? This isn't "free" money, it's the profit from your investment, risk and hard work.

Your answer to him and to your mother (who is enabling this shitty behavior) was perfect. Stick to those boundaries. And do not, under any circumstances, let either of them move into one of your units. They won't pay rent and you won't be able to get them out.

Edited to add: you should expect your mother to leave everything to your brother regardless of what you do. Keep that in mind when deciding whether and how much to contribute to her upkeep. Ask yourself this: if she has an inheritance to leave, why does she need you to support her? Is it because she's already giving her money to her Golden Child?


NTA and I love that you told your mom, "Cool, but now you are also on your own". Good job and I do hope you follow through with that.

So, what do you think about this one? If you could give the OP any advice here, what would you tell them?

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