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'AITA for trying to choose the flower girl dresses at my own wedding?' 'My sister is a girly girl.'

'AITA for trying to choose the flower girl dresses at my own wedding?' 'My sister is a girly girl.'


"AITA for trying to choose the flower girl dresses at my own wedding?"

I am getting married in one month and my partner and I already have a 1 year old together who will be one of our flower girls. My sister, a mother of two girls, through a fit when I said I wanted a kid free wedding and stated that the right thing to do would be to ask her kiddos to be flower girls. I decided I didn’t really care that much and decided to make her two girls and my daughter the flower girls for our wedding.

My sister and I are super different. I’m a very simple person who likes laid back clothing and a make up free vibe. My sister is a girly girl who loves to wear dresses and doesn’t skip a day without makeup. It’s safe to say that our kids follow in their respective parent’s foot steps.

When I sent my sister the flower girl dress options she said she didn’t know if her girls would like them. I started looking for more and landed on a dress that I really liked and had sizes for all three girls. My sister ordered the dresses and sent me a picture with her girls scowling in a photo wearing the dresses saying they wouldn’t smile wearing the dress.

I told her I’d keep looking but that I really wanted simple flower girl dresses so any dress I pick would be a similar vibe. My sister proceeded to order more dresses full of bows and tutus in a different color than what I’d wanted. She also picked a dress that didn’t have a size that would fit my baby. She then sent other dresses that would fit babies that she said I could buy that were completely different than what I wanted.

I reminded her that it was my wedding and I really wanted the girls to wear simple dresses since my wedding dress is so simple and she told me that she was doing her best and there is a way to make everyone happy. AITA ahole for pushing her on this?

Here's what top commenters had to say about this one:

peonyhen said:

"It would be a shame for the girls to miss the wedding completely because they don't like the dresses. If they don't want to be my flower girls and wear what I pick, then we're back to being a child free wedding. It doesn't have to be their favourite dresses, they have to be my favourite dresses. If they'd rather not come, that's their choice." NTA.

Less_Ordinary_8516 said:

NTA. Why are you letting your sister hijack your wedding. Tell her she has made this too stressful, you're going with the original dress you picked out, and that's it. Tell her the nieces are NOT invited. It's child free. She can stay home with them. You need to stay strong, it's ok to say no. Make yourself happy, this is Your wedding. Shine up your spine, take control and have a great wedding, exactly the way you want it!

MrsChickenPam said:

NTA because not only is is YOUR wedding but YOU (and your sis, supposedly) are the ADULTS and shouldn't be pushed around by a couple of toddlers LOL. Tell your sister that the dress choice is YOURS. That NONE of her suggestions are even CLOSE to what you want and if her girls don't want to wear the dresses they won't be flower girls.

goldenfingernails said:

NTA. I'm wondering if the picture of her girls scowling was staged. She clearly wants to get her way. Stop looking for something else and have them wear what you first chose. You don't need to bend over backwards to accommodate your sister.

This is your wedding. Her girls can wear these dresses for the ceremony. If your sister is butthurt over them, she can then put them in different dresses afterwards. Stand your ground.

FuzzyMom2005 said:

NTA. Her daughters are not the main characters in your wedding. She's forgotten that. Tell her you're sorry, but since they don't like the dresses you picked out, they can wear the dresses she picked out, but wear them as guests only. She pushed them on you anyway. Stick to what you want. Actually, since you wanted a kid free wedding, tell her they can wear the dresses she picked out at the next holiday.

ASBF2015 said:

NTA. Please don’t let your sister or her children run your wedding. Be firm. If her daughters are going to be over dramatic and miserable with scowls on their faces, tell them they can’t be in the wedding. It’s an attention grab and you shouldn’t give them an inch. This is your wedding. They can wear what you choose and be appreciative you want them in the bridal party at all or be nothing. That’d be my ultimatum, anyway.

Everyone was on OP's side for this one. What's your advice for this wedding drama?

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