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"Was I wrong to try to get my son's teacher fired for not letting him retake tests?"

"Was I wrong to try to get my son's teacher fired for not letting him retake tests?"


Parents are more involved in their children's educations now than ever. While this can be great for the child, it can also create a storm of entitlement. On a popular Reddit thread on the Am I The A**hole Subreddit, a mom is upset with how a teacher teaches his son.

AITA for reporting my son's math teacher to the school board for ineptitude and being rude to me? I would like him fired from his provisional contract.

Online school sounds awful.

My son is an eighth grader in an online school (this is key). He’s always been a straight-A student until this year when this group of teachers started some different “accountability” methods, and now he’s so uninspired his grades are around 20% in all four of his classes.

Your son might be a genius if he doesn't need to write math.

Math was always my son's favorite subject, and he finished 7th-grade math with a 107%. Since he’s online, I can hear his current math teacher say a million times to class, “write everything down.” My son doesn’t learn like that, he’s been online since he was an infant, and writing is not essential to him. I’ve emailed the teacher repeatedly, and he says he’s very sorry, but he doesn’t know how to teach math without writing.

Repetition is key.

I told him that somehow his past teacher had done it. We’ve met with the SST (student support team) multiple times, and I’ve explained that in the past, my son's math teachers would let him do tests and formatives over and over again until he got answers correct, and that’s how he learns.

Jaylen likes what he likes, and writing isn't what he wants.

In the SST meeting yesterday, the math teacher said that Jayden knows he does not allow redoes, but he will always give “partial credit” if a student shows him their written work. I told Jayden doesn’t like to do written work. The math teacher said that maybe this program is not for him and he needs to go back in person.

I then asked how partial credit was supposed to get him to the A+ student he was last year. The teacher snickered and said that a massive component of 7th-grade math was averaging, and Jayden could explain it to me.

OP did not have it, and neither was the community.

That was it. I fired off emails to all of the school board members and superintendent and posted them on our district's community Facebook page. And everyone turned on me. To say I was called an a**hole would be friendly. (To follow the rules, this is where the interpersonal conflict comes in) and people are accusing me of being a bad mother because I’m not holding Jayden accountable.

I’m in shock. The message notifications keep coming in, and I’m getting publicly roasted in my community for “wasting the school board's time” and making everyone at the school work harder then they should, etc. It’s like a feeding frenzy.

AITA here?

Impossible-Pause3788 says:

You may not want to hear this, but writing things down is a vital component of learning math. Redoing tests over and over again is not. Actually, it sounds like he had very bad teachers until now, who let Jayden coast. It's going to be very hard to undo the damage they did to his learning process. I am glad that this teacher was brave enough to stand up for him. YTA (You're the A**hole).

Caspian4136 says:


Why do you think any teacher needs to cater to your son? What is so special about him that the world should revolve around him? Writing down the work for math is standard; just because he doesn't like to do it this way doesn't mean he shouldn't have to. You are raising him to be an entitled brat and one that won't be able to function in the real world.

And trying to get a teacher fired because they won't bend for you? You should be ashamed of yourself.

jm1102 says:

YTA - wow. So your kid refuses to show their work for math, and you’re blaming the teacher. Stop making excuses for your child and have them do their work correctly.

Also, let’s point out this is an online school - if they don’t write stuff down and show their work, how will anyone know they’re actually doing it? You’re being ridiculous.

Bold of you to think you can get a better teacher during a national teacher shortage.

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