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Family friend ruins wedding; groom says, 'I lost my mom and sisters over this guy.'

Family friend ruins wedding; groom says, 'I lost my mom and sisters over this guy.'


Wedding days are beautiful days, but things can go wrong easily. A truly bad experience can live with you forever, and the worst part is that you usually hire someone to memorialize the event for you. On a popular Reddit thread in the Am I the A**hole Subreddit, one couple can't seem to shake their awful wedding experience.

'AITA for refusing to stand up for my wife and kick my cousin out of the house?'

That'll ruin a wedding.

My wife 'Taylor' and I married slightly over two years ago. It was supposed to be a beautiful day and was something she had dreamed of her whole life. Still, unfortunately during the reception, a family friend, 'Ken,' intentionally spilled food and a drink on her dress which devastated Taylor.

It's always a Ken.

This was pretty early in the reception, and there was no way to get it out, so the night was ruined for her, and Taylor struggled greatly to move past this. Ken was obviously thrown out of the venue, and we brought him to court for the damage. He opted to pay without going through with the court date and has admitted he did it on purpose.

I didn't think Ken could get worse.

His reasoning was he had a thing for my mom, was wasted, and thought that would impress her. My mom, unbeknownst to us, was angry because Taylor told people we were engaged at my mom's milestone birthday party, and my mom told Ken that, and he got this brilliant idea to woo her.


My mom initially sided with us but later began dating Ken and told us to get over it. I told her it was him or us, and she picked him. I lost my mom and sisters over this guy, and Taylor lost out on her dream wedding. I haven't seen my mom since, but I did know through family that she and Ken were getting married. I tried to keep this from Taylor as it would hurt her, but she found out.

Emily is playing both sides.

Recently my cousin 'Emily' came over. Emily is the only family I left due to Ken, so I value the relationship. Emily mentioned how she had spent the weekend in a nearby vacation town for my mom's wedding and was saying how much she liked the city, but Taylor snapped at her and said she didn't want to hear anything about my mom's wedding.

OP thinks Emily is very intelligent.

Emily said she understood. About twenty minutes later, Taylor asked if she wanted to stay for dinner, and Emily said she couldn't as she has my mom's dogs at the moment (so obviously, she is on her honeymoon). Taylor lost it and said Emily couldn't be this stupid and must be trying to hurt her for some reason.

Taylor doesn't want to hear anyone say the word 'mom.'

She began to get emotional and said that her wedding was stolen, and she didn't want to hear anything about my mom being happy or having a wedding. I hugged her and tried to calm her down. she told me to make Emily leave, and I said that didn't seem fair as it was probably a mistake. Emily didn't talk about the wedding and didn't realize she couldn't even talk about the dogs.

OP is in a pickle.

Taylor asked if I would not do anything, and I said I didn't feel right kicking Emily out. Emily left on her own, but Taylor ended up in tears and was angry with me.

ArchLover- says:

NTA (Not the A**Hole). Your wife is exaggerating here. I can (sort of) understand the wedding drama but asking you to kick out the last family member you have is cruel and disrespectful.

PS. WTF is wrong with your mom??

Elizabeth_diamond_ says:


It sounds like your wife hasn't healed from her wedding experience and is still hurting. That being said, Emily did nothing wrong. She respected both of your boundaries and did nothing to hurt anyone intentionally.

I understand why your wife would be upset, but her reaction was out of line and put your relationship with Emily at risk.

buildabridgeoutofher says:

NTA, but this type of reaction from your wife is concerning. Has your wife sought any professional help over the pain this incident caused her?

Family is a treasure, OP! Unless it's Ken and your mom then family is fool's gold.

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