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'WIBTA for telling an older man not wear a Speedo?'

'WIBTA for telling an older man not wear a Speedo?'


"WIBTA for telling an older man not wear a Speedo?"


I feel like a bit of a bully because in my water aerobics class there is an older gent who wears a Speedo thong to swim in! This is appalling! Me, a 67 year old woman, and my husband, 69, should not have to witness this man in his tight bathing suit whilst exercising at the Y.

Today I asked my millennial child who tauntingly said I am, in fact, a bully for this behavior. She thinks he should be able to wear whatever he wants to as long as his bits are covered. Thankfully my husband chimed in and reminded her that at our age NO ONE should be wearing a Speedo!!

My husband said he has never talked to the man before so I am going to approach him next time we are there and let him know that this type of behavior is not allowed in our community.

Maybe he is from Europe or something and doesn't know it isn't acceptable here, but I just feel bad for the guy since apparently no one has told him this before. WIBTA for asking him to wear a traditional bathing suit? My daughter seems to think so...

Edit: Problem solved! To clear up any confusion, this is the daughter and I am the one that made the post. The first responses were actually from my mom (paraphrased) as they were things that I have brought up before.

She is now a little upset with me, but she is not going to confront the man. I made this account because there have been too many times when my boomer parents would say or do something that I wanted to share and now I have an outlet to do that without upsetting their fragile feelings.

Here were the top rated comments from readers in response to the OP's post:


YTA Maybe stop starring at him.


Ugh. If you don't want to see him then take a different class. YTA, what unbecoming behavior.


Here's a thought: don't look.



YTA entitled boomer, look the other way. You think anyone wants to see your old, fat self in ANY bathing suit? Should you not be allowed to wear one because it grosses me out?


Lmao my favorite is that OPs post implies anyone wants to see any old person in any kind of bathing suit. Like they are in their 60s everyone’s looking at them the same way they’re looking at speedo guy.



So who SHOULD be wearing a speedo then?


Haha! While that may be an unpleasant image, standards wise, it's no worse than an attractive 25-year-old woman wearing a bikini. While more pleasant on the eyes, standards wise, he's wearing a similar bottom. You should just leave the old fella alone and let him think he's still got it, just oozing with confidence, haha! Don't take that from him.


Fun fact, in many swimming pools here in Europe it is not allowed to wear swimming shorts and the only acceptable swimming clothes for men is a Speedo. But yeah, YTA here. A speedo is a perfectly acceptable form of swimwear, no matter the age of the individual wearing it.


So which is it, a speedo(like a bikini bottom covers front and back) or a thong (covers front and ass crack and leaves cheeks completely exposed). As much as you don't like it, the Y would say something if he was violating the dress code, so YTA!


YWBTA, absolutely 100%. I get where you're coming from. You're offended by mans' bodies because you think it is them being a "creep" showing off. What you are completely misunderstanding is that what he wears is not inherently wrong - it is just wrong to you. He is not showing off. He's just using commonly used, functional swimwear.

There are actually many well-off cultures in which even nudity is not offensive or inherently sexual. There are also other cultures in which showing anything besides a darkened veil over your eyes is seen as overtly sexual and rude.

You do not get to dictate what other people do, whether it be someone wearing too little, or covering up too much like a hijab. Think about it. Are you in a free country or not?

So, what do you think? Do you think the OP was being too judgmental?

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