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'WIBTA if I expose my boyfriend for cheating on Christmas?'

'WIBTA if I expose my boyfriend for cheating on Christmas?'


"WIBTA if I expose my boyfriend for cheating on Christmas?"

Me and my boyfriend have been dating for about 4 years and out of those 4 we have been living together for 1 year. Just recently I found out he was cheating on me, it has happened once before in the past and he swore up and down that it will never happen again but here we are in the same situation.

We have been doing Christmas in my parents house every year but this year he was really adamant about having it at his parents house this year, after a little bit of back and forth I gave in and decided to go to his parents house this year.

I bought him concert tickets for an artist that I don't really like but I wanted us to spend time as a couple on something that he really likes. I was going to surprise him with the tickets for Christmas but now that I know he has been cheating on me...

I was planning on including screenshots of him cheating on me as a present too for him to open it in front of his family. Would I be the ahole if I expose him to his family on Christmas while the family is opening presents?

Here's what top commenters had to say about this one:

Dry_Ask5493 said:

Just leave him.

nannylive said:

Eh...YWBTA (To yourself and both your families). Don't waste 12 more days of your life and miss out on Christmas with your family. Break up, send his parents a text letting them know why you are not coming for Christmas.

Keep your tickets and sell them or invite someone else and send ex a 10 second video from the concert if you like. Merry Christmas. Next year will be better.

United-Plum1671 said:

YWBTA Don’t make innocent people part of your shitshow drama. They didn’t do anything and aren’t involved in it. Break up.

CaptainFresh27 said:

I mean, it kind of sounds like you'd be punishing his family for his actions. They haven't done anything to you and you're planning on running their Christmas? If you really want to expose him to his family, why not just break up with him and then tell them why after Christmas?

Must_Love_Dogs0331 said:

YWBTA Don’t drag his parents into it. What you could do instead is find a guy to go to the concert with. Make sure he confirms over text. Take a pic of the text and the tickets and give it to him in an envelope with a big red bow on it.

OldManJimmers said:

So, you would stay with him for another 2 weeks of your life pretending nothing is wrong and skip spending Christmas with your own family, just to cause drama at someone else's house? And is this out of town, like do you have to stay at their house afterwards?

YTA because you're choosing drama over making memories with your own family. Also, find some respect for yourself and don't waste another 2 weeks of your life pretending to be happy.

professorfunkenpunk said:

YTA. I know this sounds cathartic, but it seems like unnecessary drama that just ruins everybody else's christmas and you run the risk of coming off looking like a drama queen. Break up with him now and be done.

Also, why does is he so adamant about doing it at his parent's? This is going to be super awkward when he proposes to you and you start showing pictures of him cheating.

No one was on OP's side for this one. What's your advice for this hopefully soon-to-be ex couple?

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