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Man’s 12-year wait for kids leads to uncovering wife’s long-term affair. AITA?

Man’s 12-year wait for kids leads to uncovering wife’s long-term affair. AITA?


"AITA for feeling my wife of 25 years has essentially taken away my chance at ever having offspring and probably doesn't love me?"


As the title says I (M44) always planned on having kid(s) with my wife (F43). We have a video we recorded together for our future children when we were younger. I didn't want to start until I was absolutely sure we were financially stable enough to support a kid. I can distinctly remember when that day came about 12 years ago. Suddenly she wasn't so sure which came as a complete shock to me.

After much conversation she agreed I'd make a great father and we could finally stop using protection (yes, they were always required prior to that). Now it seemed like she started keeping track of her cycles but I think we only tried (on the proper day) once or twice in a 2 year period. I feel like the keeping track she did was to make sure we DIDN'T do it on those "certain days".

So here's where stuff gets really messed up: spurred on by our Dogs coming demise I started researching why we never ended up having kids and came across some texts (>10k+) during that same time period where she had a 2-3 year affair.

It was the guy that actually broke it off with her in the end because he knew she was married and didn't want to be a home wrecker. This made her intensely angry at me for 2 years!

I had no idea why she was so mad. Honestly, now I wish she would have left me for him so I could at least have a chance at finding a women that truly loves me enough to have our baby.

Did I mention that she cut me off of all intimacy since the affair (while still being intimate with him for over another 6 months) and it'll be 10 YEARS this August since we made love (she claimed it was due to pain but never went to doctors about it). Not even a kiss on my Birthday, no matter how many times I asked.

Only recently after all this did we finally figure out what may be the worst part of this: she has bad CPTSD from childhood which was erroneously attributed to agoraphobia and social anxiety for over a decade.

So I have 2 choices: 1. Stick with the women I've loved for over 25 years and help her recover from the CPTSD or 2. Find a women who loves me (and i love her) enough to have kids in very short order. So reddit, AITA?


Well, I had no idea this post would get so many replies. Thank you, kind redditors, for reinforcing what I figured you'd all say. Sigh. I'll read all the messages and reply when I'm back home in a couple of hours.

Edit 2:

So I'm seeing lots of questions about why I didn't do more during the last 10 years. I've answered some of that in the comments (see below), but I think it's important I point out that I was trying to fill that hole in my heart for kids with pets.

We lost our 12yo cat summer before last, and our 8yo shepherd needed surgery last summer that got botched and left her fecally incontinent. She's rapidly losing weight and requires lots and lots of help.

Her time is also limited. What I paid between the two of them in vet bills would probably be enough to send a kid to most state schools for 4 years. I guess I finally came to the conclusion that in almost no way are pets the same as kids. I just can't help but wonder why that much (usually gross) effort wasn't going towards raising the little one(s) I'd always envisioned as part of my life.

Here were the top rated comments from readers in response to the OP's post:


Dude why are you still in the relationship.


She cut him off 10 years ago and hated him for two years after that because her Boyfriend broke up with her. The time to leave was 9 years ago.


Bingo. Op is scared to be alone... he has some soul searching to do... they arent a good match tho...


Get the frick out of here. This woman will make your whole life miserable. You have at least 30-40 years left, don’t waste them on this witch.


I checked OP's history, and can see where he's scared. OP, if I were you, I would separate BEFORE going on dating apps. And then tell your entire truth about what you want on the apps (not in a verbal throw up way, but in a very clear way).

Don't lie about your age etc. Also start looking elsewhere for dates besides apps. I predict in two years you will be with the one you love. I know that this is a bit late to have kids, but it's not too late for a man (and even some women).

As to your soon to be ex: let her be your ex. What or how she became who she is, is not interesting. Stop worrying about her. Just let her be your ex.


YTA for being a walking doormat. Your 44 as long as you have your shit together and don’t look like an old foot you’ll find plenty of 30 something women wanting to start a family.


NTA. If she even really loved you she would not have a affair, and she would take your feelings seriously. I think you're just convenient for her now b3cause she knows you won't do anything and she can walk all over you.


NTA. Sweetie, she used and abused you. She will never put your needs or emotional well-being over her own selfish wants. She blamed you for her affair partner dumping her. She blamed you for something you didn't even know and had no control over.

It's your choice whether to stick it out or not. But I think you should ask yourself and be honest: Will you be able to be happy with her? Will you feel valued? Safe? Respected?

Even if you have kids, do you know, with 100% certainty that she would never ever treat said kids in a similar manner? Manipulating and lying to them, punishing them for things they don't even know.

That is not okay, not towards an adult, but especially not towards a child. If you stay with her, please, please don't subject innocent children to that sort of behavior. You have a choice, they don't.

So, what do you think about this one? If you could give the OP any advice here, what would you tell them?

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