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Wife walks out on husband after being 'mauled' by cat; is called 'drama queen.'

Wife walks out on husband after being 'mauled' by cat; is called 'drama queen.'


When you marry someone, you usually know the big things about that person. What their favorite food is, their favorite color, and are they a dog or cat person? On a popular Reddit thread on the Am I the A**Hole Subreddit, a man finds out that he didn't know everything about his wife.

'AITA for calling her a drama queen and telling her to come off it?'

Pets change people.

My wife and I have been together for six years, and I am willing to admit that she didn't start acting like this until we got pets. She was a very compromising and solution-finding individual before getting the animals.

My father's home burnt down, and I ended up staying at a hostile (I told him he could stay here but refused, as he didn't want to be a burden). He did ask that I take in his animals temporarily. He has a dog and three cats.

Our household has been completely pet free the entire time we have been together. I ran it by the old lady, and she said it was fine, provided it wasn't for a long time (she has never wanted animals). It's been four months, and my wife is slowly becoming a person I've never seen her be.

Sounds like a classic dog.

The dog will stare at her when she is eating and whine, and my wife gets pissed. The dog is begging, and I understand it's irritating, but she's being kind of ridiculous. She will tell the dog to go in the other room, which is entirely okay with me, but then becomes super frustrated because the dog will poke his head out of the doorway and stare her down while she is eating while licking his mouth and whining.

It just frustrates her beyond belief. It didn't initially, but it certainly does now. She has been eating on the porch most nights because she is tired of being watched and unable to eat her food peacefully.

Sounds like a classic cat.

The cats she likes a lot more than the dog are even starting to piss her off. Like if she is reading a book, the cats immediately run over and knock the book out of her hands. The second she picks up her phone, the most diminutive cat comes over and attacks her hands, trying to play.

The cats will all come in and start getting on her at 3 am every night. She isn't exaggerating about it. It's like the second she tries to do anything at all, the cats are all over her. And again, I get it, it's frustrating, but she is being ridiculous.

The cat's plotted to destroy the marriage.

She lost it yesterday and tossed the cat off the bed after the cat ripped the phone from her hands while she was on a phone call. She yelled at the dog to get away from her this morning because she was cooking, and the dog kept trying to jump on her. Like screaming at the dog to go the f*ck away.

I'm getting quite fed up with the constant tension and told her to come off it and stop being a drama queen after she yelled at me that she was 'f*cking sick of being mauled all the time.' She left. Didn't even turn off the stove. She just stormed out of the house and hasn't come back. AITA? I feel she is going overboard, and it came off harsher than intended.

Straight-Singer-2912 says:

YTA (You're the A**hole). You are so belittling - she gets woken up in the middle of the night, and 'she's being ridiculous'? The dog keeps trying to jump on her while she's cooking on the stove and YOU'RE getting 'quite fed up'?

She said she'd take them provided 'it wasn't for a long time.' Unless you are speaking in terms of geologic time, four months is most certainly a long time to be housing pets that you never wanted. I notice you said absolutely nothing about how much longer they're expected to stay. Meaning - there is no end date.

Board them, help your father find a place - start being proactive rather than passively complaining. Those pets need to go, or you should pay for your own place and enjoy the pets to your heart's content. You're lucky she only 'slowly' is becoming someone you don't recognize. If it were me, I'd have been there a long time before her.

SlothLordMcMarekat says:

YTA as soon as I read ‘the old lady.’ These aren’t your pets, it’s been four months and you yourself said that she’s not exaggerating.

Sounds like your father's pets are making her time at the home horrible. Sort out a long-term solution for the pets and maybe treat your wife better at the same time.

OrangeCubit says:

YTA - four months is a LONG TIME to be taking care of animals she did not want. She’s not being ridiculous, you broke your agreement.

If you build it (find a new place for the pets), they will come (your wife will return).

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